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Why Beautiful Flower Arrangements Should Adorn Your Special Day

Did you know that the use of flowers in special union ceremonies dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans? In fact, they used special garlands of flowers and placed then around the necks of the bride and groom to symbolise a new life, a new beginning, and fertility. In many cultures, herbs were a part of such special ceremonies and were there to ward off evil spirits and to provide a sort of good luck charm for the happy couple.

Our Modern Use of Flowers

The grand wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in the nineteenth century was a huge event. Thousands of specially arranged flowers were used during this event and this influenced their use in popular culture. And so, today we use flowers as a way to mark the special occasion of marriage and to symbolise not just beauty, but also a new beginning.

In fact, flowers have sometimes been used by lovers to communicate with one another illicitly, as was the case in seventeenth-century Turkey. This language of flowers became known as florigraphy, and was the precursor to modern floristry.

Arranging Wedding Bouquets and Flowers for Your Special Day

Your wedding should be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and organising flowers is an important part of this event. The problem is that no bride or groom really has the time to organise all of the flowers themself, and this is where it is wise to hire a florist that specialises in flower arrangements and wedding bouquets in Brisbane.

So, why should you use a specialist company for your wedding flowers? Consider the following benefits:

  • No stress: The first benefit of hiring a specialist florist for your wedding day and reception is that they can handle all of the organisation of an important part of the day. This means it is easy, convenient, and less stressful. After all, the bride-to-be has plenty of other things on her mind before walking down the aisle.
  • Colour and design: Most people don’t think about it, but the best flower arrangements are perfectly matched in terms of colour and design. The bouquets that the bridesmaids hold, for example, should perfectly match the flower arrangements on the tables in terms of colour and style. When this happens, a harmonious floral dialogue takes place at a design level between the wedding party and the invited guests. Choosing the right colours, the right shades, the right flowers, and the right arrangements should always be done by someone who is a professional and who has plenty of experience in this area.

Given the importance of your wedding day, why would you not place your faith in a professional floral design team to get it right? Such companies typically offer face-to-face meetings to discuss all of the requirements.

Flowers are a longstanding tradition at weddings, and investing in the right flowers, floral designs, bouquets, and colours can really make your special day memorable.

Fashion Tips

Should You Really Worry About Your Lingerie on Your First Date?

Ultimately, that decision is yours and yours alone. Lingerie doesn’t always imply the sexy stuff you wear when you’re out to seduce someone. Lingerie is basically any bra, panty, or undergarment you wear under your clothing. Some say that there is a difference between underwear and lingerie and they are correct to some extent. The very word ‘lingerie’ implies that the item is pretty or even racy, which is usually a step up from your everyday cotton undies.

Don’t Stress Over the Decision

Odds are you’ll spend hours deciding what to wear on your first date with someone. Of course, you want to look good for your date but there is also the added stress of dressing for the date’s location. Going to the opera? Maybe you need a fancy dress. Going to dinner? Perhaps something casually chic. Hitting the floor for some dancing afterward? Better wear something comfortable. All of that just to say that you already have enough to stress about when it comes to what to wear on your date without having to add more stress about whether to go with regular underwear or pretty lingerie underneath it all.

I Feel Pretty, Oh-So-Pretty

At the same time, you may be a woman who believes in feeling good from the inside out. So if wearing pretty lingerie underneath your clothing makes you feel even more confident, by all means, wear the lingerie. If you do decide to wear it, you probably want to make sure that it’s color-coordinated to your outfit; meaning, don’t wear black lingerie under a cream-colored outfit and so on. But if you’re wearing something black, go right ahead and rock that black lingerie underneath it. You’ll be dressed to the nines and looking like a ten!

Do You Have an Ulterior Motive?

Maybe you’ve been chatting this fellow up for some time now on the Charlotte chat line. You’re taking things to the next level now by going out on a date with him but it’s possible that you’re aiming for a little more than that, and that’s okay too. If you’re charting a course for seduction and eager to enjoy some action of the red-hot variety on your first date, by all means, wear the lingerie. Regardless of whether it’s a simple matching bra and panty set or something straight out of Frederick’s of Hollywood, there’s no denying the message you’ll be sending him. He’ll get it ‘loud and clear’ and you’ll get what you want!

Keep It Simple

Sure, your dresser drawers may be filled with the frilliest and fanciest of dainty undergarments from La Perla and the like, but for your first date, it’s best to keep it simple and save the truly glamorous pieces for a few more dates down the road. An attractive nude bra and matching panty are usually basic lingerie pieces that most women have in their wardrobe and that go well under any outfit. Regardless of what color it is, the best thing you can do is make sure that the lingerie fits you well. No need for any bulges or lines to ruin your otherwise rocking date outfit!

There’s no right answer to this question. It depends on you and your date. If you feel empowered by wearing something risqué, go for it. If you think being comfortable trumps all, then be comfortable. Do what (or who) you want, be you and make sure you enjoy yourself.

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Lingerie basics that every woman should know

Lingerie basics that every woman should know

With every fashion basic that a woman has in her closet, they dream of getting that exclusive lingerie for her type of figure. And with the endless shapes, styles and brands available in the market, things are likely to get confusing. Relax, not any longer. Below are some guidelines that will help women to select a lingerie which will be best for her.

  • Check your best features- First and foremost, make it a point to check what your best features are. Are they your shapely legs, the killer cleavage or the toned rear? In fact, it can be any of these or more, but prior to purchasing a lingerie always ensure that the style which you buy should accentuate your finest features.
  • Matching is not always the key- Although matching panties and bra look wow on the average female but not all women will feel that it is a flattering choice for them. Today there are assorted lingerie styles available in the market which can make you feel and look good and this at all times is not about the panty and bra type. You are spoilt for choice with a lot of options such as chemises, baby doll, brasserie and so on. Chemises and baby doll will provide you good coverage without being highly conservative or stuffy. It will make you look sexy and can hide those features which you are not confident of. If you decide to buy a chemise then pick one, which will offer your bust with good support so that you are capable of flaunting your assets confidently
  • What else to wear with it? – After picking the most ideal corset or bra, this requires coming with many other essential intimates. Typically lingerie comes with different types of panties right from racy styles like g-strings and thongs to boy short styles. You do not require following whatever fashion magazines say regarding g-strings and thongs being the sole sexy accessory. For instance, if you do not feel comfortable to highlight your rear, then do not purchase a thong only because others are doing so. In fact, you can try something on boy-short types which look really feminine as well as help in accentuating your strongest features

If you feel a little daring then you can select to put on stockings or some hold-up to compliment with your attire. And if lately you have not been adventurous and desire in igniting in your relationship that needed spark, then investing in these forms of attires will create magic to your bonding with your man. Always remember the finest lingerie for your body type does not depend on the style or the brand. This is about how sexy and hot you feel when you put it on. If you are not comfortable to purchase lingerie from a retail store, then why not try the online stores. Today there are countless online lingerie stores that offer the widest range of lingerie from top brands and in different materials, colors, styles and sizes. The icing on the cake is these stores also offer great deals, sales and discounts from time to time. So make the most of it.