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Do I Really Need Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers can be used for a variety of reasons, as any cosmetic dentist in Chevy Chase MD or anywhere else will tell you. While many opt to have veneers placed for cosmetic reasons, others have them placed to correct or prevent tooth damage, or to cover work done after a root canal. Veneers are generally either made from composite materials or porcelain.

Are Veneers Necessary?

Sometimes, but not always. Let’s say, for example, you need a root canal or a filling on one of your front teeth. The shape of the tooth means it’s pretty likely some of the work will change the shape of your tooth, damaging it or leaving it exposed to future damage. In these cases, veneers are necessary to not only reshape but to protect the tooth as well.

Veneers for strict cosmetic reasons aren’t generally necessary, but the definition of “necessity” seems to vary from person to person. My own dentist, years ago, used to pressure me at every visit to have veeners put on my 6 front teeth. I have a lot of discoloration that whitening won’t help – discoloration from too much fluoride and too many antibiotics taken as a child. I didn’t find the veneers to be necessary (I can lighten the discoloration slightly and it only really bothers me when an innocent young child asks me why I don’t brush my teeth). Some people use them to cover up what might otherwise be corrected with orthodontics – like a gap in the front teeth. To each his own.

Composite versus Porcelain

Composite veneers are made out of a material that is placed directly on your teeth. It’s added in layers so that it can build up on the tooth. They can also be made by a lab and attached to your teeth after creation. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are always made in a lab. In order to have the veneer attached, no matter what it’s made of, the dentist will have to shave down some of the natural enamel on your tooth’s surface.

Cosmetic Warnings

There are tons of cosmetic dental offices offering veneers to their patients. They don’t all have great reputations. Your best bet is to find a dental office specializing in dental veneers. This type of environment will be more careful to assess your bite, take careful molds, and ensure the veneers are really what you need (and will give you the result you’re actually looking for).

Veneers are fine, no matter what the reason you want or need them. Just be sure to take some time to do a little research and find the right doctor. Whether you need them or merely want them, you do want them to turn out right!


Beauty Retail Success can be witnessed after letting Customers try Sample

The beauty industry which comes under the FMCG i.e. fast moving consumer goods brands keeps on changing at a fast pace. So, it becomes all the more important for beauty industries to keep pace with the changing times marketing trends. Traditional times never had a small sample of a new cream or foundation for women to try. But nowadays with the advancement and improvement in technology, many companies are coming up with the idea of providing their customers with a free sample.

Free sample will boost sales of companies

When a new moisturiser, face wash or even a lipstick is introduced by a company, it is difficult to whether it would suit your skin tone or the make –up product will look good after its application. This is where samplers come in. They helps the customer by providing an idea of whether the make –up product suits them, looks good or not or whether a particular face cream has no side effect on their skin tone. All these features with a sample make it more likely and easy for a customer to buy beauty products.

Research findings with consumer surveys

Many of the small to large beauty companies undertook a survey with new and existing customers and got interesting findings. It showed that majority of the women shoppers are more likely to buy a beauty product after trying its sample. The results also showed that a whopping 50 % customers purchase the product after trying its sample.

One of the cosmetic brands sent a sample eye shadow palette to 7% of its customers that are subscribed to its magazine. After which 11.2 % of the customers purchased the full product. This increased quite a lot in their sale number.

Birchbox – A leading magazine

This is a beauty subscription magazine which can be purchased by paying $ 10 a month. Katia Beauchamp, who is the CEO and also the co- founder at Birchbox stated that their sale success is becoming huge after they are witnessing one beauty product is being sold every three minutes. And also because of the huge rise in their sale, they were able to raise an amount of 12 million from its investors. Now the team at Birchbox is expecting that their online sale will be tripled in 2013.

Katia also stated that many customers like to try products which they would not normally go for. This gives them a chance to try out something different. Further if they like the product, they can purchase the full version.

Birchbox was launched by Miss. Beauchamp in the year 2010 along with Hayley Barna, a Harvard graduate. Currently their company has offices in 4 locations and an employee head count of 150. Their women’s subscription costs $10, whereas the men version comes for $20. Along with the samples are present according to the individual’s need. The team at Birchbox also stated that new demands can be quite easily generated in the industry of beauty and grooming among the customers.