An overview of the film Princess Mononoke


If you are a fan of Japanese animated movies here is something that you shouldn’t skip watching. Well, here is a Japanese animated epic fantasy war film which was released back in the year 1997 and it is famously known as Princess Mononoke. This film became the highest-grossing film of the year 1997 in Japan.

The plot of the film

The village of Emishi which is located in Japan get attacked by a demon. But the last price of the village manages to kill it before it gets to the village but his right arm gets cursed by it. What is the curse all about? Well, the curse gives him superhuman powers but then it will spread throughout his body and that will eventually kill him. Later, a wise woman from the village tells the prince that he can find the cure of the curse in the western lands but then he will not be able to get back to his birthplace.

What happens further in the animated movie, is exactly why you need to watch it. You will be thrilled by the script and the characters in the movie and definitely have an amazing time watching it. The adventures that unfold in the movie will be brought to light.

The writer and director of this film have done such similar productions and one such includes Totoro. If you intend watching any of these Japanese movies now, then you can easily do so by checking online. They can be streamed online for free and you can watch them without any hassle at all.

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