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How to find that perfect pair of shoes

If your shoes make the outfit, how do you go about finding the right pair and making any outfit shine? These are some things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect pair of shoes and finding the right fit for any occasion or style.

Colour –

The colour will make the outfit. Go with something that doesn’t stand out too much, but does stand out enough. Lighter is better, or go with the all natural, slimming black. Regardless of the outfit, blacks, browns, and base colours (such as a khaki) will go well with any outfit or attire.

The base –

Sometimes you want those killer calves to come out, so choosing a pair of 6” stilettos seems appealing until you try them on of course. You don’t need a huge heel, simply to look great. Go with a 2 to 4” heel instead. A slimmer base can be dressed up, while a wider base heel can be dressed down. Either way, you can still stand out, without having to deal with neck, back, and foot pain all night long.

The size –

perfect pair of shoes

It seems simple enough, you wear a size 8 in all shoes. But, some designers, manufacturers, and even materials, might mean a different size. Try it on. Yes, it is that important. Especially if comfort, and looking good are important to you. You don’t want your shoe being too tight or slipping off all day long. So, make sure you try on the pair, to ensure the optimal fit with each use.

When you are searching for new shoes it can be tedious and frustrating if you can’t find that perfect pair or you might find a pair which is out of your current budget. There are a few things you can do if you find that perfect pair is out of your budget. You can try and find a pay monthly catalogue which allows you to spread the cost of your shoes via small monthly payments.

You will find there are hundreds of shoes you can purchase on the market; it isn’t always about spending the most money to look your best. In fact, a great deal can be the perfect pair. These are a few tips to finding the ideal pair of shoes for any occasion or event you will attend.

Foot Wear

Getting the Best Out of the Bespoke Wedding Shoes

Bespoke wedding shoes can help you to look your utmost best during your wedding. With stunning shoes that fit snugly and are absolutely comfortable, you will be able to walk down the aisle, stand for any length of time, dance your heart out and see your guests out with sure-footedness. Bespoke wedding shoes can also help you to express your personality and make a memorable statement on the big day. So, how can you get the best out of your bespoke wedding shoes?

(a) Prioritize comfort and functionality of the shoes

Many brides are often carried away by so many fantastic ideas when ordering their wedding shoes that they even forget the basics. But if you want to get the most from your bespoke wedding shoes, make sure they are designed for utmost comfort and functionality. Remember, as you will be walking down the aisle, eyes will be glued on you and you should be able to walk gorgeously and gracefully all the way. And while almost all bespoke shoes are designed to fit well, just make sure to verify that everything is alright and that the shoes will not be killing your feet and affecting your posture and face on your big day.

Wedding Shoes

(b) Match the shoes to your dress

Before ordering your bespoke wedding shoes, make sure the shoe material you choose matches the color and texture of your dress. Just take a swatch of the dress material from the dressmaker and share it with the shoemaker so they are matched perfectly. Do not assume that you know what shade of ivory or cream your dress is and then use this assumption when choosing the color of your shoes. If you do this, the slight difference in color may appear awfully odd once your bespoke wedding shoes are completed. In fact, it is even advisable to consider how shiny (or matte) the shoes will be in order to know how reflective they will be under different types of light. Besides, you should choose the right heel height for your dress (remember the higher the heels, the longer the dress should be).

(c) Letting your personality to shine

If you choose not to match your shoes with your dress, you need to go with a bright or bold shoe color which reflects your personality. There is no rule stating that you must wear stiletto princess pumps on your wedding day and you can go with what you like the most. For instance, you can match your bespoke shoes to the wedding theme or color scheme, or just wear a pair of gorgeous sneakers if that is what gives you more confidence.

Wedding Shoes

(d) Break the shoes in

Although bespoke wedding shoes are designed according to the measurements of your feet, you still need to spend some time wearing them so your feet can get used to them before your wedding day. In fact, this will help you to avoid problems on the special day. Remember that on your wedding day you will be on your feet most of the time, taking photos, standing up for vows, dancing and indulging in various fun activities and you will need to be absolutely comfortable in the shoes. Therefore, do not wait until your wedding day to try the shoes out. Instead, try the shoes a few days before your wedding, walking on different surfaces (like hardwood, tile and carpet), up and down the stairs and standing up for many minutes to get a feel of how comfortable the shoes are.

(e) Check the weather

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you need to keep an eye on the weather when ordering your bespoke wedding shoes because the weather will affect many aspects of your great day. In fact, the weather should determine the types of bespoke shoes you order. For example, if you will be having your wedding ceremony on a grass surface, you should opt for wedges instead of stilettos. And if it may rain on your wedding day, you should know that mud may ruin heels and so having a pair of flats or boots when going out and then changing into stunning heels at your reception is a better idea.

(f) Have a back-up plan

While ordering bespoke wedding shoes is a great step towards having a memorable day, it is advisable to have a back-up pair of shoes to help you out just in case something (like discomfort or broken heel) is wrong with the primary pair. Similarly, it is a good idea to have a different pair of shoes (such as flats) to dance in at night or at your reception.

Foot Wear

7 important aspects that you need to consider while buying running shoes

Various companies come up with different types of running shoes to catch attention of all women. Since there are many options, many people find it hard to identify most suitable pair. Colorful running shoes tempt a lot and women make decision based only on appearance that does not deliver expected results. If want sneakers that can keep you comfortable, that can prevent injuries and blisters while running then you need to focus on 7 important aspects. Here are those 7 most aspects that you need to consider:

1) Never rely on misleading opinions from friends and relatives

Many women follow all opinions given their friends and relatives blindly while buying running shoes as this can be described as wrong method of approach. Their running shoes might have done wonders for them but they may not be good for you. Your feet, running style and strides are unique and different, so you need to identify shoes that offer maximum comfort to your feet. That is exactly where the importance of reliable online shops like Fabletics comes in because they offer wide range of shoes to suit varying requirements different people have and finding most suitable running shoes that can go in complete harmony with your feet, running style and strides becomes a hassle free process.

2) Never trust the salespeople in the stores

Salespeople use several tricks to impress you and they come up with misleading interpretations. You need to realize the fact that nobody can decide the authority of your comfort level and you are the best person to judge your comfort level. When you wear a running shoe, you can assess whether it is offering maximum comfort for your feet or not and that is the best method of approach if you want to arrive at best decision.

3) Run around before making a purchase decision

When you decide to purchase a vehicle, you take it for a test drive before making final decision. Similarly; you should run around in store or on treadmill for 1 or 2 minutes with shoes before arriving at final conclusion and it will helps you assess exact comfort level while running.

4) Excess cushioning does not guarantee maximum comfort

Unwanted joint movements can always be associated with highly cushioned shoes and such situation may not go well with your body or stride. Again, you should search for pairs with cushioning that match with your requirements.

running shoes

5) Perfect should not be the criterion

When you run for fair amount of distance, your feet will start swelling and it can be described as natural process. Your running shoes should have adequate space to accommodate this swelling and that is why you should never select shoes that fit perfectly.

6) Learn when to purchase new running shoes

You can find out whether your running shoes need to be replaced or not by flipping the shoe over and then apply pressure near toe space using your thumb. If you can press in considerably, you can replace your shoes.

7) New sneakers do not need time to make you feel good

Many women believe that new sneakers need some time to provide optimal comfort. It is a wrong perception because running shoes are made from synthetic materials and they should make you feel good when you wear them first time.


It is always advisable to purchase women workout clothes, sneakers and other accessories from reliable and reputed online stores like Fabletics because they offer top quality products at an affordable price. You can also check here for Fabletics coupons to make your purchase even more affordable. The bottom line is that when you follow all these 7 tips, you can easily select best running shoes that offer maximum comfort and prevent injuries in best manner.