Tips for Applying Eyeshadow Using Different Colors


Applying eyeshadow is difficult and takes up time; still it is used for enhancing the beauty of the eyes. We all like to use eye shadowoccasionally, and some of us everyday. A lot of cosmetics are available in the market, but it requires a keen eye for color to apply eye shadow perfectly. Blue eyes in particular are special and the there are special eyeshadow pallettes Tips for Applying Eyeshadow Using Different Colors that are available for applying on blue eyes. Still, some sense of color matching can make blue eyes extraordinary to look at.

Weddings, proms, graduation parties, and other special occasions are the main reasons for putting on eyeshadow to look different and fabulous. According to many beauty editors, there are two general ways for applying eyeshadow for a particular eye shape:


1. Winged

2. Rounded

The perfect matching can be determined by using both types on two eyes and selecting the most attractive one. Various colors of eye shadows with eye brushes are available in the market. Ivory, deep brown, taupe, light bronze, soft charcoal shimmer, gold, chocolate brown, etc. Each has its individual commercial names like heaven,velvet revolver, sexpresso, erotica, push-up, etc. Some tips can be followed for applying eyeshadow to bring out your beautiful eyes not matter what color they are:

Using light colors is preferred in most situations as it looks natural. Dark colors can be used for making shapes around the eyes and to give it a rocking look.
Applying contrasting color is striking and you will get more compliments with this technique.
Various occasions require different colors matched with party dresses. For daylight parties, choosing light colors is the best option and for night parties, they should be contrasting.
Blue eyes are a special type and they make a person stand out and stand out from others. The eyeshadows can be very unique in for blue eyes. Contrasting colors like taupe, copper, brown shimmer may be the perfect match for blue eyes.
For brown eyes lighter neutral colors are much better, as they look quite natural surrounding brown eyes.
Dark colors are used for dimensial looks. A light tone on the eyelid with a darker shade in the crease following the shape of the eye can enhance the eyeshape.
Foundation can also be used in a light amount all over the eyelid for a natural look.
Again, multicolor shadowing can be applied but you need to spend time practicing the technique when using multiple colors. Always remember that in applying eyeshadow, light shades bring out a feature and dark shades will make a feature recede.