Olive Oil: Best option for Skin Care & Hair Care


Oils are most essential part of our life and kitchen. But have you ever thought that oils can help you to enhance your beauty. Have you ever imagine there is any connection between olive oil and your beauty care? Today we are going to discuss about The Benefits of Olive Oil which one of the best option for skin care:

Olive oil is not only useful for great recipes, but also for your skin and hair care. It is very good moisturizer and can used for your skin and even helps to restore dull and damaged hair.

Olive oil for Hair Care:

  • Olive oil works wonders on the hair and can leave it shiny, moisturized, and frizz-free.
  • If you want to replace your normal hair oil, you can use olive oil. All you have to do is to heat up half cup of olive oil and use it on your hair. You can also add some fresh rosemary in it. Once this mixture is heated, it will release some natural oil in rosemary. Then strain the oil before you use. It helps to add shine to your hairs. Be careful and don’t overheat the oil.
  • Olive oil is very good moisturizer which helps you to restore the shine of your hair. If you have dry hair then olive oil is the best option for you. If you have split ends, it can be treated by olive oil. Just apply the oil to the tips of hair.

Olive Oil for Skin Care:

  • Remove your makeup with a dab of olive oil on a cotton ball.
  • After bathing or washing your face, gently massage olive oil on your skin.
  • Add few drops of olive oil into a bathwater, you can also add some aromatic oils like lavender oil or whichever you like and enjoy the spa feeling at home.
  • Olive oil works as a night moisturiser. You can apply it at night before sleeping, it helps you to replace and regain the lost nutrients during the day. Olive oil is gentle, perfect for using around sensitive areas like the eyes.
  • Mixture of olive oil and sea salt is good homemade scrub.
  • If you have wrinkle lines, Olive oil has intense moisturizing qualities and can help make lines less noticeable.

One more suggestion: Be careful while using olive oil and don’t spill it on your clothes because it’s hard to remove oil stains.