Tips to look attractive in Summer 2015


Ah, the sacrifices that ladies would make to look attractive in front of the opposite sex. From painful high heels to even more painful epilations of the legs and arms, they could go through unimaginable pain just to look remotely attractive for one day.

Tips to look attractive in Summer 2015

But seasons change, and we must adapt to changes. So, today, in this article, we are going to find out “What kind of make – up and dressing tips that we could take for this summer”?

We are going to make your job much easier by listing those right here instead of having you to find each from different sources.

1 – Black eyeliner

Oh my. I could say that eyeliner is one of the most important parts of a woman’s make-up. You need to choose a color and a shade that will make your pretty eyes stand up when you are, say walking on the street, or in a business meeting. There are thousands of articles online that teaches you on how to apply eyeliner correctly if you want to know how, or if you are already an expert, you should already know that eyeliner is a make or break when doing your overall make-up.

2 – Eye Shadow

Another way to really look hot is to wear a black eye shade. We men do not know why in the name of hell find that attractive, but we sure know that it is (there is another theory saying that women with shades under eyes are in need to be rescued, and fires up our instincts to protect them). There is a descriptive tutorial on VideoJugs about applying three shades of nice eye shadow, definitely worth a watch.

Overall, eye shadow is a pretty cheap, pretty easy, and a pretty attractive make up technique to apply on summer days.

3 – Colorful Lipstick

A colorful and hot time of the year requires a hot and colorful make up, so we will outright suggest you used some strong colored lipstick like a bright red or an orange.

Lip balmer does not work as effectively in this time of the year as lipstick does because it is very hard to notice lipstick in the sun’s light (people are a little dizzy because of the sun too, that might contribute to the overall effect).

You could even try one of these multi color lipsticks that attract a lot of attention. There are lots of tutorials on how to do it correctly on YouTube.

4 – High heels

We are wired evolutionarily to be attracted to taller women, with slim legs, and that is what exactly the high heels are able to do for you.

5 – Liquid Fake Tan

You might think it is kitch or too club-ish to do fake tan, but it is actually the main thing that attracts men. Liquid fake tan makes you look very healthy and gives you a shade of tan that makes you look like one of the hotties in the magazines.

So, this was all about make up for summer 2015.

Thanks for the read, and keep it up! You are purely awesome!