How to find that perfect pair of shoes

Perfect Pair Of Shoes

If your shoes make the outfit, how do you go about finding the right pair and making any outfit shine? These are some things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect pair of shoes and finding the right fit for any occasion or style.

Colour –

The colour will make the outfit. Go with something that doesn’t stand out too much, but does stand out enough. Lighter is better, or go with the all natural, slimming black. Regardless of the outfit, blacks, browns, and base colours (such as a khaki) will go well with any outfit or attire.

The base –

Sometimes you want those killer calves to come out, so choosing a pair of 6” stilettos seems appealing until you try them on of course. You don’t need a huge heel, simply to look great. Go with a 2 to 4” heel instead. A slimmer base can be dressed up, while a wider base heel can be dressed down. Either way, you can still stand out, without having to deal with neck, back, and foot pain all night long.

The size –

perfect pair of shoes

It seems simple enough, you wear a size 8 in all shoes. But, some designers, manufacturers, and even materials, might mean a different size. Try it on. Yes, it is that important. Especially if comfort, and looking good are important to you. You don’t want your shoe being too tight or slipping off all day long. So, make sure you try on the pair, to ensure the optimal fit with each use.

When you are searching for new shoes it can be tedious and frustrating if you can’t find that perfect pair or you might find a pair which is out of your current budget. There are a few things you can do if you find that perfect pair is out of your budget. You can try and find a pay monthly catalogue which allows you to spread the cost of your shoes via small monthly payments.

You will find there are hundreds of shoes you can purchase on the market; it isn’t always about spending the most money to look your best. In fact, a great deal can be the perfect pair. These are a few tips to finding the ideal pair of shoes for any occasion or event you will attend.