7 important aspects that you need to consider while buying running shoes

running shoes

Various companies come up with different types of running shoes to catch attention of all women. Since there are many options, many people find it hard to identify most suitable pair. Colorful running shoes tempt a lot and women make decision based only on appearance that does not deliver expected results. If want sneakers that can keep you comfortable, that can prevent injuries and blisters while running then you need to focus on 7 important aspects. Here are those 7 most aspects that you need to consider:

1) Never rely on misleading opinions from friends and relatives

Many women follow all opinions given their friends and relatives blindly while buying running shoes as this can be described as wrong method of approach. Their running shoes might have done wonders for them but they may not be good for you. Your feet, running style and strides are unique and different, so you need to identify shoes that offer maximum comfort to your feet. That is exactly where the importance of reliable online shops like Fabletics comes in because they offer wide range of shoes to suit varying requirements different people have and finding most suitable running shoes that can go in complete harmony with your feet, running style and strides becomes a hassle free process.

2) Never trust the salespeople in the stores

Salespeople use several tricks to impress you and they come up with misleading interpretations. You need to realize the fact that nobody can decide the authority of your comfort level and you are the best person to judge your comfort level. When you wear a running shoe, you can assess whether it is offering maximum comfort for your feet or not and that is the best method of approach if you want to arrive at best decision.

3) Run around before making a purchase decision

When you decide to purchase a vehicle, you take it for a test drive before making final decision. Similarly; you should run around in store or on treadmill for 1 or 2 minutes with shoes before arriving at final conclusion and it will helps you assess exact comfort level while running.

4) Excess cushioning does not guarantee maximum comfort

Unwanted joint movements can always be associated with highly cushioned shoes and such situation may not go well with your body or stride. Again, you should search for pairs with cushioning that match with your requirements.

running shoes

5) Perfect should not be the criterion

When you run for fair amount of distance, your feet will start swelling and it can be described as natural process. Your running shoes should have adequate space to accommodate this swelling and that is why you should never select shoes that fit perfectly.

6) Learn when to purchase new running shoes

You can find out whether your running shoes need to be replaced or not by flipping the shoe over and then apply pressure near toe space using your thumb. If you can press in considerably, you can replace your shoes.

7) New sneakers do not need time to make you feel good

Many women believe that new sneakers need some time to provide optimal comfort. It is a wrong perception because running shoes are made from synthetic materials and they should make you feel good when you wear them first time.


It is always advisable to purchase women workout clothes, sneakers and other accessories from reliable and reputed online stores like Fabletics because they offer top quality products at an affordable price. You can also check here for Fabletics coupons to make your purchase even more affordable. The bottom line is that when you follow all these 7 tips, you can easily select best running shoes that offer maximum comfort and prevent injuries in best manner.