Tips For Carrying Long Boots Perfectly


A woman’s love for long boots has no boundary. They are surely the most beloved item in shoe rack of ladies. Anyone who has that undead desire to look amazingly stylish would be housing at least one pair of tall boots. Unlike other boots with varying length, these boots reach up to the knees or say a little below the knees in length. They might reach a few centimeters above the knee length based upon the style chosen.

Considering that they are extremely popular among ladies, they are seen adorned by women from all ages. However, what matters here is how you style them. To make sure you look good in them, it is good that you carry them the right way. Here are the clothes that complement long boots very well.

Match Them with Skirts

If you believe that the only skirt length that complements long boots is short skirts, then you are mistaken. You can carry long boots with full skirts as well. They tend to complement each other while letting you look funky and stylish. When teaming up full skirts with long boots, you do not have to worry much. Shoe with any shape or heel-height can complement the look. Well, you can make the choice depending upon the occasion that you are getting ready for. You can wear heeled boots while carrying a formal look and for casual look, wear flat ones.

Long Boots

Complement Them with Dresses

There are countless women who believe that long boots have limited scope when it comes to teaming up. If you are one of those, you are taking it wrong. Long boots could look equally good with dresses. You can get that perfect feminine look with spunk when you pair up long boots with dresses. However, avoid wearing them with frilly party dresses. Also, avoid wearing them with extremely formal dresses. A good option would be wrap dresses, sweater dresses and A-line dresses or short body con dresses. All you need to do is to pick out a suitable dress and find matching shoes at justfab.

Pair Them with Skinny jeans

A pair of skinny jeans can never disappoint you. They are going to come out as an excellent choice even when you wear them with long boots. You can wear a loose as well as fitted top that is well tucked in to the skinny jeans and complete the look with long boots. This ensemble is extremely stylish yet allows you to move around comfortably.

Say No to Shorts

If you have ever thought of wearing long boots with shorts then vacant your mind right now! Wearing shorts with boots of such length would be a fashion blunder. It is rarely that you would see such a combination looking gorgeous on a woman. In most cases, they look unattractive and ill planned, so avoid experimenting with this combination.

Never Match With Loose Pants

Never pair loose pants with long boots, if you do not want to come out as a laughing stock. Tall boots are known to accentuate your legs while making them look slender. However, when you wear them with something baggy or loose, you are actually spoiling the look. This combination will give an impression of puffed legs.