Few shoe companies that opt for making Gothic shoes

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Nowadays there are a few shoe companies that opt for making Gothic shoes, which are considered to be quite fashionable and popular. Formerly people were satisfied with any kind of black shoes, but modern shoe designers have made efforts to offer a great diversity in club gear such as: Goth, Rave, Punk and Industrial. People who go clubbing sometimes have more sophisticated requirements which accompany their lifestyle, but usefulness and practicality have an important role, too.


According to Goth Culture women should wear high-heels and men should wear boots. However, women have more options on hand, such as platform shoes, flats and flip-flops. But there are also platform shoes and flats for men. Designers got the idea of offering unisex shoes and currently there is a great number of them on the market. Certain designers even created black unisex shoes with heels. Shoe companies tend to provide high-heels in larger sizes in order to meet the needs of men, too.
Men who want to wear unisex shoes can face a problem when it comes to the size, because some companies offer those shoes only in smaller size. On the other hand, there are companies specialized in men shoes, which attempt to make shoes for women, but they are not always successful and stylish enough.
There are also combat boots available for both genders on the market today. Even though they were meant for men at first, shoe designers created a new line for women which gained a great success, too. There are fewer and fewer differences between male and female shoes since the androgony is widely accepted.
In certain fields such as martial arts and athletics it may be better to buy shoes made by companies specialized in those very fields. However, you can always find at least one pair of athletic shoes which will match your outfit. But have in mind that it is much easier to find black athletic shoes in winter than in summer or spring.
Goth consumers reproach standard brands for failing in fulfilling their needs especially when it comes to club gear. But there are also those who think you can find affordable and appropriate shoes no matter what brand they are. Numerous Goth companies like Gothic Angel produce and sell shoes at competitive prices. Designers who make contributions to Gothic subculture are recognized and respected by its followers. However, you can always find a cheap pair of shoes which can be useful and suitable in some circumstances.