Are you a Fashion Victim?


Fashion victims – you can spot them a mile off, or can you? Unfortunately, some of us end up being at the centre of one fad or another. Do you find that you want this season new bag, are eagerly anticipating saving enough money to buy those new boots, or are you awaiting this seasons shape of dress. If you answer yes, then you may be a fashion victim and may need to take a look at our tips.



You could be wasting a lot of money on fashionable fads and not actually purchasing anything of worth. Take a look at the last five items you’ve purchased and then see how much they cost. Remember that style never goes out of fashion; however the same can’t be said for what’s in at the moment. If you’ve purchased more than three must have’s this season – you may be in trouble.


Your wardrobe is a good signifier of whether you’re a fashion victim or not. Take a look at the items that you have inside it and you will get a good idea of whether you’re a dedicated follower of trends. If more than half of the items in there are out of date or don’t work with the current trends and fashions, then you could be a borderline fashion victim.

Do you like them?

We know it could be a silly question; however you need to ask yourself if you like what you actually buy. A lot of people purchase items simply because they’re in fashion, not actually because they like them. Be honest with yourself here as it will allow you to make changes in the future.


One piece of well renowned advice that’s offered to those who love their clothes, is to never wear more than two trends at any one time. This can look tacky and also distasteful and is certainly not something that you should be proud of.


Brands can be another issue for people and a lot of fashion lovers buy a brand not solely because they like it, but because it has a name on it. Do you find that you buy items because they have a name on it? If you do then you should most certainly ask yourself if you in fact like them. If you don’t like an item only for the fact it has got a logo then you should not buy it.

Remember, fashion is a transitional thing, but style is not – so make sure to follow the rules of style and not fall over at each and every fashion trend that passes your way.