Easy Bridal Makeup Tips for Every Bride


Are you getting a professional makeup artist for your wedding day? Or are you seriously considering doing your own makeup? Whatever your answer is, we can help you look more beautiful and less stressed on your big day.

With tons of bridal makeup tutorials in the internet today, more and more brides are considering doing their own makeup. It might be different from your usual dramatic makeup with smokey eyes but just the same, the trick is in the makeup.

If you can successfully do smokey eyes without looking like a panda, then you will do fine since doing bridal makeup is way easier than that.


Here are some stress-free but beautiful ways of how to achieve the perfect bridal makeup look in no time:

Look yourself but better. There is no need to fuss over a lot of things on your face. Make sure to eat and sleep well and probably exercise regularly before the big day. Also remember to pluck your eyebrows a day before and not at the wedding day or you might end up with reddened lids on pictures.

Ask help from friends. Surely, you have one friend who is makeup obsessed and who will gladly guide you on what bridal makeup will look good on you. Chances are she has done this whole ordeal many times in her daily makeup routines. Remember that you want to look like an improved version of yourself and not a totally different person.

Shop for some bridal worthy makeup. If you are doing your own bridal makeup, you should at least invest in some good ones. Head over to the makeup stores and ask help from skin care experts on which colors would fit you or you can also bring a sample of the makeup look you want to achieve.

Forget fake tan. Whether you are getting married in summer at some faraway secluded island or right at the coolest hotel in the city, drop the fake tan. It is your big day and you only need yourself to glow with happiness and not with fake tan.

But if all these sound too tiresome for you, you can always hire a professional makeup artist to do your bridal makeup. However, we still have some worthy tips for you to follow:

1. Have a trial makeup done at least three weeks before but not more than five weeks before the wedding day.

2. Wear a white shirt during the trial makeup so that your makeup artists will get a better idea of what to do and which really looks good on you.

3. Have your own references. Let your makeup artists know if you want a certain bridal makeup style so your minds can work together for a better result.

4. Say yes to fake eyelashes. Nevertheless, go for the worthy ones since you do not want the fake eyelashes getting stuck up on your veil.

5. Use natural light during the trial makeup and at the day of the wedding itself as much as possible.

6. Go bright but not too bright. Your makeup artist can fully explain to you why they need to go a bit brighter than your reference.

Reason behind this is because humans tend to look paler and more washed out on photographs especially with all sorts of flashing lights.

Professional makeup artists know the process of blending all too well for bridal makeup styles to get the perfect shades and hues.

The last thing a bride needs is to be stressed so follow all these simple tips and have a worry free bridal makeup session.