How To Create The Perfect Wedding Reception


The wedding reception is one of the most important aspects of your special day. Guests will be able to enjoy a perfect meal and then listen to speeches from various people such as the groom, best man and bride’s father.

There are several ways to create a perfect wedding reception that people will remember just as much as the actual ceremony.

Choose A Room Which Suits The Number Of Guests

The room needs to be the right size to accommodate the number of guests who have come to the wedding. Hiring a huge hall when there are only a dozen guests can make people feel like they are out of place and will end up costing the bride and groom more money than is necessary.

Hiring a room which is too small if you have hundreds of guests is another mistake. People might feel like they are cramped together, especially if they are sat around tables trying to enjoy their meal. This could cause people to become frustrated and to leave the wedding before everything is finished. Choose a spacious function room if hundreds of guests are going to be turning up. Research differently-sized function venues in Fremantle.

Choose A Room That Has Plenty Of Room For A Band

Dancing to music being played by a DJ is a lot of fun, but nothing beats moving to the rhythms of a live band. Make sure that there is enough room in the function hall so that a live band can set up all their instruments and play without any hindrances. The dancers could accidentally collide with the band if there is not enough room. This will disrupt the music and could cause people to injure themselves.

Have a stage installed in the function room. This will create some space between the band and the dancers and will allow the musicians to play without worrying that they will obstruct the dancers.

Choose A Room With Stylish Décor

The décor of the function room is incredibly important because this will create a pleasant ambience and will provide a good backdrop for photographs to be taken. Research several different function rooms and then choose the one which is the most stylish. Country estates and luxury hotels will have the most lavish rooms for you to choose from.

Rooms with stylish décor can be found at any price, so you will not need to break the bank in order to have the perfect wedding reception.

Choose A Room That Is Cost-Effective

Weddings can be incredibly expensive, so it is a very good idea to try and find a room that matches the overall budget. If you overspend on the room, you might have less money for other aspects of the wedding such as the cake and the dress.

Planning your wedding reception takes a lot of careful thought, and you should plan well in advance to find the function room that suits your needs.