Everything about Laser Skin Treatments


Although there are a huge number of creams available in the market which are regularly used for skin treatment but laser treatment is a source of revival for your skin. This technology has fast appearing results. The world is working to grow this technology day by day and to improve the treatment in reducing the disadvantages as much as possible. This treatment solves a number of skin problems such as; reduction of dark spots from your skin and permanent hair removal which makes your skin clean and clear.

Usage of Laser beauty equipment are a common practice nowadays. Everyone is so concern about their skin problems. Following are some of the laser treatments you should know with the advantages and disadvantages of using these treatments

Clear + Brilliant:

Clear + brilliant is a laser treatment used to resurface the skin using pulsating light beams in order to exfoliate the skin and reveals a smoother and brighter skin.


It is also known as vascular laser as it uses the laser energy in the form of pulses with a dye to generate laser beams of different colors and restore the dilated blood vessels.


There are a number of fraxel lasers available, but the mechanism for each is the same. This process accelerates the production of new cells and replaces the old destructed cells from the skin.


Thermage treatment is safe and secure and is radiofrequency cosmetic procedure that is proven clinically, in helping the skin to be smoothen, tighten and contoured.

Combination Therapy:

Having a number of treatments, creates a way to solve a skin problem faster and with more perfection by using multiple treatments together as combination therapy

Advantages of Laser treatments

  • This treatment diminishes the wrinkles and aging signs which are most likely to be unavoidable with age
  • It also reduces brown spots that occurs due to sun exposure and restores discoloration
  • This treatment helps you in tightening your skin and making it more clear and younger
  • It eliminates acne scars from your skin by reducing enlarged pores
  • It Reduces the appearance of blood vessels on your skin
  • Shrinks the size of enlarged pores which reduces acne risk

Disadvantages of laser treatments

  • It is very important to protect your eyes during the treatment as it may cause eye injuries and may cause blindness
  • Itching is also a common side effect caused by skin laser treatment or laser hair removal
  • Redness is one of the significant side effect that appears right after the treatment and is probably the most common disadvantage
  • Pain, tingling, and numbness is also one of the common side effects of laser treatment
  • This treatment also creates a scab around the treated area which is also considered to its disadvantage

Key Tip: Make sure not to use this treatment at home without proper guidance. This treatment is required to be done by professionals only. Make a decision today, to change the entire aura of your skin. Best of luck!