Lingerie Trends for the College Student: Top Three Bras


Every girl loves lingerie and strategically placed hint as well as a dash of lace can be truly influence in terms of how you feel or act. Whether you or not, the lure of a great bra is unmistakable and it can have a huge impact in terms of how your clothes fit and in turn you look. Below are the top picks for bras when it comes to college students as part of lingerie trends.

  1. The T-Shirt Bra – The T-Shirt bra is basically the go to bra for every college student. They are lightly padded or simply lined up to give out a nice shape and they look fabulous under tank tops, button ups or obviously form fitting t-shirts. Some brands have great t-shirt bras that have both full cup as well as demi style. Apart from them, there are bras that come in fun colours along with lace side panels. These bras also feature a tiny hook on one strap that allows them to be worn in three ways.

  1. The Strapless Bra – The strapless bra is a go to lingerie trend for bras for many a young college going woman but at the same time it can be uncomfortable especially if it is ill fitting. If you happened to get the wrong size, you must have face a few fashion issues which might have included feeling too tight, falls down or looks just plain awkward. However, if a strapless bra fits well, it can be considered your best friend since it will see you through when you decide to wear halter tops, tank tops, strapless dresses and one shoulder dresses without feeling out of place.

  1. The Push Up Bra – The push up bra is a must have in every girl’s lingerie kitty. Whether you want to show off some cleavage, enhance your cup size or just treat yourself to some sensuous indulgence, a fabulous push up bra is a must. It definitely depends upon your cup sizes and at the same time what you are going to look for. However, you have the option of picking up a push up bra with passing or no padding at all. In case you are looking for something on the more extreme end of the spectrum such as bras filled with gel, water or air that helps in increasing your overall size that contributing to some killer cleavage. Since there are extra inserts on these bras, be ready to fish out some more from your pocket if you decide to purchase them.

Other bras that are equally popular in terms of college girls lingerie trends are the sports and the wireless bras. Don’t forget that a good bra can make a huge impact in terms of how your clothes fit and at the same time how you look. Looking good is always a priority for a college going girl and a good fitting bra is definitely going to make her look not only beautiful but feel confident from inside as well.