Make Up Tips for 40 Plus


While 40 is considered the new 30 there are still some really big make up no-no’s that should be avoided. First of all, choosing the right products for your skin type and complexion is extremely important. For older women, using a base under foundation will help fill in fine lines and also make the make-up last longer. If you’ve ever heard the term “less is more” in regard to make-up, this rings especially true in the case of older women. Thick black eye liner and dark red lipstick may not work on a tired complexion. It is better to use a foundation that is just slightly lighter than your natural complexion and use neutral colors such as browns on your lips.

40 plus make up
If you are fare and blonde with blue or green eyes a hint of pink may not be bad but remember, over doing it will make you look like you are going out to a costume ball. As we age our skin begins to “eat” our make-up. What may look nice just before you walk out the door could look hellish by the end of the day. Pay attention to problem areas and avoid lipstick that will run into the lines you may have above your lips. In addition, drop the dark blue eye shadow as this tends to emphasize imperfections and wrinkles on the eyes.