Be a Savvy Shoe Shopper!


Every diva knows you can make or break an ensemble with shoes, and if you’re into fashion you probably have a keen eye for picking out the greatest pairs available. That being said, there are some tricks to buying shoes that you may not thought of, so here’s a few tips we’d like to share!

Shop at the end of your day. While it’s much more fun to shop on your day off, if you go after work the shoes you buy will fit better when you wear them out. That’s because our feet swell a bit during the day and will be the best measurement for a comfortable fit.

Think multipurpose. When you spot a pair of shoes you can’t live without, try to match them to at least three outfits you currently own. That way you won’t be restricted to what you can wear them with once you have them home.

Buy duplicates. If you absolutely love the fit and look of a pair of shoes consider buying several pair in different colors to match the majority of your wardrobe. That way you’ll always have a fall back pair of comfortable shoes when you need them!

Plan ahead. Download the Groupon app and sign up before you go on your next shoe shopping binge. Simply search for your favorite shoe brand or store and find a coupon or discount code for savings up to 50 percent!

Keep them sweet. If you have problems with foot odor, place a dryer sheet in each shoe before they go into your closet. They’ll be fresh and ready to wear in no time!

Keep them organized. Whether you sort by color, by season, or by style, keep your shoes neat so they don’t get scuffed or misplaced.

Clean up your act. Spend a few minutes wiping down your shoes after you wear them so they stay in great shape. Use shoe or leather cleaner and a soft cloth to buff them back to their original shine!

No matter how many pairs of shoes you own, sooner or later you’ll be adding to your collection. Have fun shopping!