Tips on making your nails look beautiful


For a girl, beautiful, well manicured nails make a lasting impression. It definitely gives a oomph factor. To get beautiful long nails, it’s important to take care of your nails. A proper healthy diet, a good beauty regime and the most important is good personal hygiene which can give you beautiful nails in minimal cost.

Without much ado, following are some tips to get beautiful nails:

Make your nails clean

It is very basic. You should always clean your nails on a regular basis. Once you wash, make sure you dry them properly. Wet nails can be the breeding ground for bacteria. It’s always advisable to use gloves while washing utensils or doing any household chores. Everyday use a tooth brush with soft bristles and take body shampoo along with it and scrub the nails and the surrounding area gently.

Don’t bite your nails

This habit harms your nails badly. It makes the nails look awful. Constant biting of nails makes them brittle and harms the cuticles. So to prevent nail biting, apply a coat of nail polish.

Massage the cuticles

Regular massage of cuticles stimulates nail growth. Gently trim the skin around the nail area once in a while and do not bite. Moisturize the cuticles with coconut or olive oil so that it can get good nourishment. Cuticle oil is available in the market, you can use that as well.

Moisturize Properly

Moisturizing is very important. Dry and flaky skin causes harm to the nails so, mosturize your hand with cream twice a day for better results. Use vitamin e capsule along with the cream for shiny nails.

Use Good Nailpolish

Always use good nailpolish which is paraben and sulphate free as these chemicals can cause excess harm on the nails. So, it’s always recommended to check the ingredient list of the nail polish before buying.

Good Diet

Infuse your diet with calcium and protein rich food. This helps in better nail growth. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits for proper nutrition.Drink lots of water to detox your body. Healthy eating habits along with proper exercise can do wonders for both mind and the body.

Use a good nail polish remover

Most of the removers are full of chemicals which often dries the nails. So, it’s better to use a acetone free remover which is much gentler. Also, try to limit the use of the remover.

Go for nail strengthening treatment

If you are constantly suffering brittle nails, opt for conditioning treatments which help in strengthening the nails. Once a month if you can do this treatment, you can see a remarkable improvement in your nails.

File your nails properly

Be careful while filing your nails. Don’t be too harsh otherwise it can damage your nails. You should always file your nails in one direction for a smooth tip. And be patient while you are filing your nails. Start from one point to another, so that it won’t damage the nails.

If you can follow these tips, you can also  flaunt your long and beautiful nails.