Tips to Dress Perfectly for Cold Weather Running

Cold Weather Running

If you want to remain comfortable and warm during winter then you need to wear a suitable running dress. Earlier runners used to give up outdoor running during winter as it requires wearing lots of uncomfortable and heavy clothes. But with the introduction of technology based on cold weather running clothes made winter running much easier for them. Fabletics reviews provided here under will help you in choosing suitable running clothing for winter season.

Cold Weather Running

  1. For neck and head

In order to avoid heat loss and to protect your skin from chapping you need to protect your neck and head with:

> Neck bandana or gaiter:

Neck clothing of this type is usually worn by skiers to protect face and neck from extremely cold winds and for breathing in warm air while running.

> Thermal hat:

In order to keep your head warm you can use a hat made of wool or fleece which can be tucked into your pants when not needed.

> Vaseline or chapstick:

To protect your lips, cheeks and nose from windburn and chapping you can use some Vaseline or Chapstick.

> Balaclava:

It is a mask type head gear used by skiers to cover entire head except eyes. It protects their head in extremely cold winds.

  1. For upper body

According to fabletics it is important to keep your upper body safe, discussed here under things can help you to trap heat around your body and they will absorb sweat when you go out for running in winter season.

> Insulating Layer:

The clothing of this kind include middle layer made of insulating material like fleece to wick away moisture from your skin along keeping you warm by trapping in air.

> Outer layer water and wind proof:

This layer in winter clothes can protect you from moisture and wind by eliminating chill and overheat. You can regulate the temperature of your body by replacing this layer with zippered jacket.

> Layer of wicking material:

You can wear clothes made of synthetic wicking materials instead using ones that are made from cotton. They will remain closest to your body to wick away the sweat and to keep it warm and dry.

> Mittens or gloves:

In order to retain your body temperature, to wick away moisture through your hands and for protection your fingers you should wear wicking gloves or mittens during winter.

  1. For lower body

Fabletics also suggests some running clothing to protect your lower body in winter like:

> Running tights or pants:

They can keep your lower body warm with heat generated by your legs when you run. You can also wear two layered tights or pants for this purpose.

> Socks:

Instead of wearing cotton socks for running during warm or cold weather you should wear socks made from wicking material like wool or acrylic as it wick away moisture more than cotton socks.

> Shoes:

Your running shoes should have some mesh with waterproof lining which can keep your feet dry even if you have to use them on snow.

Thus fabletics reviews given here above for winter running clothing can help you in buying suitable workout clothes online.