Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During Winter With The Help Of Oats


People do not feel laziness or drowsiness during summer but do feel during winter. That’s the feel during winter with most of the people. While going out during winter and spring season most of the people cover their entire body because of the snow and the cool breeze. So, people prefer to go out wearing sweaters and many more. If people keep on roaming during winter then they feel some itching sensation on their skin as a sign of dry skin, where people use a lot of moisturizing creams to make them oily again. Due to this cool climate even the hair along with the skin becomes dry. So, to get rid of this or prevent this from occurring on our skin then it is better to treat with oats and you will definitely see some changes that take place in the body.


There are many problems that can be seen or that occur in the field of skin, such as the pimples, rashes and many more. But most found are the pimples. The problem with pimples can be cured and can be prevented by boiling a half cup of oats and apply it in the filed or place where you pimples are in huge number. This is not only a treatment for pimples but also it will cure and remove the bacteria and the dirt in the spores of the skin and will be reduced gradually.

Some people feel itching and burns on their skin and this will increase if their skin is pure dry and even though if their body is out of sweat. At this point of time the only thing you need to do is take a banana, mix it with a spoon of oats and grind it to paste. After that mix the paste with the lukewarm of milk and stir it thoroughly. Later apply this solution to the face or the part which you are feeling irritated for fifteen minutes and later wash it off. As soon as you do this you feel fresh and all the irritation, burns disappear.

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Why it all happens with Oats?

This all happens with oats because oats contain a chemical called Beta Glucose which is a special mineral that helps to prepare a rare pore on the skin. If you apply the paste of two spoons of oats along with a spoon of honey and milk to the face for a period or a time span of fifteen minutes and later wash it gently. Then you can observe or feel with your fingers on your face a girlish skin or the pale skin which brings you glow than ever.

Oats contains another mineral called saponins, which plays a major role in removing the dirt and will regenerate active pores on the face. There is another tip which will make your face lubricity. Of course a best and easy tip ever. The only thing you need to do is take oats into a bowl of water and wait until it gets wet. Later press the oats and you can obtain a liquid from it. Store it in a bottle and then apply it to the face with the help of cotton which will ultimately remove the dirt on your face and brings lubricity or a smooth face.

Try these out not only when you are free but make it as a habit which will help you as a natural therapy, instead of wasting money on cosmetics.