Why Beautiful Flower Arrangements Should Adorn Your Special Day


Did you know that the use of flowers in special union ceremonies dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans? In fact, they used special garlands of flowers and placed then around the necks of the bride and groom to symbolise a new life, a new beginning, and fertility. In many cultures, herbs were a part of such special ceremonies and were there to ward off evil spirits and to provide a sort of good luck charm for the happy couple.

Our Modern Use of Flowers

The grand wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in the nineteenth century was a huge event. Thousands of specially arranged flowers were used during this event and this influenced their use in popular culture. And so, today we use flowers as a way to mark the special occasion of marriage and to symbolise not just beauty, but also a new beginning.

In fact, flowers have sometimes been used by lovers to communicate with one another illicitly, as was the case in seventeenth-century Turkey. This language of flowers became known as florigraphy, and was the precursor to modern floristry.

Arranging Wedding Bouquets and Flowers for Your Special Day

Your wedding should be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and organising flowers is an important part of this event. The problem is that no bride or groom really has the time to organise all of the flowers themself, and this is where it is wise to hire a florist that specialises in flower arrangements and wedding bouquets in Brisbane.

So, why should you use a specialist company for your wedding flowers? Consider the following benefits:

  • No stress: The first benefit of hiring a specialist florist for your wedding day and reception is that they can handle all of the organisation of an important part of the day. This means it is easy, convenient, and less stressful. After all, the bride-to-be has plenty of other things on her mind before walking down the aisle.
  • Colour and design: Most people don’t think about it, but the best flower arrangements are perfectly matched in terms of colour and design. The bouquets that the bridesmaids hold, for example, should perfectly match the flower arrangements on the tables in terms of colour and style. When this happens, a harmonious floral dialogue takes place at a design level between the wedding party and the invited guests. Choosing the right colours, the right shades, the right flowers, and the right arrangements should always be done by someone who is a professional and who has plenty of experience in this area.

Given the importance of your wedding day, why would you not place your faith in a professional floral design team to get it right? Such companies typically offer face-to-face meetings to discuss all of the requirements.

Flowers are a longstanding tradition at weddings, and investing in the right flowers, floral designs, bouquets, and colours can really make your special day memorable.