Anti-Aging Face Creams

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The appearance of wrinkles on the body is caused by the decrease of the production of collagen by the body as it ages. The body also does not produce the oils that are needed to keep skin smooth at the levels it does when it is younger.

Traditional anti-aging creams are water based and contain man made chemicals. When they are applied to the skin the water evaporates leaving only chemicals behind. These chemicals may irritate the skin and do not contain ingredients that can be used by the skin cells.

Anti Aging Face Creams

The best anti-aging face creams and body creams contain ingredients that replenish the oils that the body has lost over time and will also contain antioxidants and vitamins. They are absorbed quickly into the skin and because they contain nutrients that can be released into the skin they help rejuvenate skin and give it a youthful appearance.

A key ingredient of these types of creams are tocotrienols. Tocotrienols are known to accumulate in the cells of the skin and protect the skin from UV rays, damaged skin and signs of aging. They can be absorbed directly into the skin when applied to the skin and also may be present in the diet of the consumer.

Anti-aging creams that contain natural oils are easily absorbed into the skin and get down into the deepest levels of the skin. This means that these types of creams can be very cost effective as users find that they do not have to apply a lot of the cream to see and feel the benefits.

The natural ingredients in these types of creams mean that they are suitable for all skin types. People who suffer from skin conditions such as acne can still benefit from the anti-aging effects of these creams as they will not block the pores or irritate the skin. The creams may be of particular benefit to those who suffer from dry skin conditions.

Creams that replenish oils lost in skin can be used by people of all ages. The creams provide nutrients that rejuvenate the skin and this can be of benefit to people of any age. People who are considering using creams such as these do not need to wait for wrinkles to appear before they can benefit from these creams.

These creams are suitable for use all over the body. They can be purchased as body creams, face creams and eye creams. Face creams may be available as separate day and night creams. These have different properties that benefit the skin throughout the entire day. Day creams are designed to still be effective even when makeup is applied on top of the cream. Night creams are formulated to work efficiently as the body rests. Using both creams in conjunction with each other will give the best results.

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