Looking Natural And Having beautified Bold Lips Are Two Recent Fashionable Trends


Lily Collins, 24, the actress, rocked two events displaying these trends recently. First, she appeared with bold lips, and then within a week’s time, she took part with natural beauty and pristine look, radiating brilliant glow and impeccable flawlessness on both occasions.

Looking Natural And Having beautified Bold Lips Are Two Recent Fashionable Trends

Lily’s Bold Look:

It was first in Los Angeles on August 13, when Lily Collins wearing a white crop top with black pencil skirt walked over the red carpet looking with blemishless complexion. She wore then some additional, bold looking items as well to impress the audience. She bore a bright bold lip color most fitting for such occasions.

She further made her facial features more appealing and popping by embellishing her eyebrows and luxe lashes. Notably this became a trend-setter for other stars to follow with bold brows and lips in the days to come befitting all seasons.

Natural Beauty:

Then again, it was on August 19 when Lily made her appearance in natural beauty in a London theatre. She wore a black mini preferring natural grandeur. She also used bronzers and shadows matching her skin, all natural foundations to make her glow on the occasion. Collins further enhanced her eyebrows applying black liner to the top eyelids which made her eyes prominent. The lips were obviously left untouched, to be natural.


In yet another appearance for a movie “Mortal Instruments” in London about the same period, Lily Collins appeared with her hair looking sleek and sophisticated. On that occasion, she wore a sexy white dress slicking back her hair. She looked fantastic the secrets of which would be worthy of knowing.

To be its natural way, the hair is to have high level of shine and typical graphic feel. To achieve this, the hairstylist first began with sectioning the hair deep to the side and then applying Leonor Greyl Mousse de Lotus Volumatrice to her damp hair, followed by blowing it dry straight. For an extra straight look and bend-free condition, the stylist made a second ironing of each section of the hair.

For further taming, extra smoothness and shine, the stylist used Eclat Naturel all over the hair richly, rubbing with hands from bottom to top. It was followed up with applying Leonor Grey Gel for slicking back the sides of the hair, pinning it in the back and leaving the back portion down.

To finish the style and make it lasting all through night, the hairstylist sprayed Leonor Structue Naturalle all over the head. With this frizz-free hair in its natural structure and form, great luxe lashes and dark natural lip, Lily Collins gave a ground-breaking performance for a movie. She was all beauty personified in all her parts.


She applies colors for her parts such as nails, hair, brows and skin close to their respective colors. This retains naturalness apart from bringing out more flawless glow to appearance.