Light Therapy For Acne


Do you think that the acne in your face has doomed your life? Are you ready to go to any extent to get rid of or at least lighten your acne and the ugly spots that it leaves? Well, with the advancement of science and technology, you now have the acne light therapy that uses different kinds of light treatments to deal with your acne problems. Though there are conflicting thoughts on the long term effect of the acne light therapy, many people have been using it for immediate and instant solution to acne problems.  Light therapy for acne is quite new method that helps many people to get rid of oily skin and acne.

Light Therapy For Acne

Why Light Therapy For Acne Is So Good?

Laser treatment is the talk of the town with celebrities and common people lining up for the various beauty treatments that light can perform. The importance of light was first understood when it helped the growth of plant and the stimulation of cells. Subsequent researches proved that along with plants, human skin care process could also be enhanced by the light therapy. Laser and LED or light emitting diodes use various kinds of light o help the treatment of acne and several other beauty problems like wrinkles, damaged skin due to exposure to the sun etc. Light therapy for acne be done by professionals, especially, if using high voltage light, because they can be dangerous and fatal, if the correct amount of light is not given for the right amount of time. A little mishandling can lead to varied consequences, ranging from inconsequential to fatal. Usually lights that are used for acne treatment are either the blue light or the red light or at times, a combination of both the lights.

Blue Acne Light Therapy

The blue light therapy for acne is the most commonly used method of light therapy. The use of this light in the United States of America has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Blue light is specially used to deal with the bacteria that form the acne on your skin and leads to break outs. There are several try in your home blue light treatments too which are pretty safe to use at home, however, only by adults. The narrow band of blue light which does not contain UV or ultraviolet light is usually deemed safe to use. By penetrating beyond the skin, it kills the Propionibacterium acnes that cause the breakouts in your skin. Since it a comparatively new phenomenon, its long term side effects are yet to be known.

Red Acne Light Therapy

The red light is also equally helpful in treating acnes and is considered to be safe in terms of fatal side effects. While the blue lights main purpose in acne light therapy is to kill the bacteria, the red light helps in dealing with inflammations and reducing redness. This is the reason why both these lights are also used in conjunction with one another, each performing its separate function and helping to reduce acne and the blemishes.

It’s very good that new methods like light therapy for acne appear. These new methods help us to get rid of acne and other skin problems.