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Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are ways used to increase the normal length of human hair and make it to appear longer than its actual length. These techniques to extend hair are advanced and can make one’s hair appear real but it is just extensions.


Extensions can be classified by the attachment method and the type of hair used to create the extension. Although there are several systems that produce the extensions and each of them claim to make better products than the other,only afew of the sytems produce quality products. The attachment methods include:strand by strand,weft and clip on.


These is where small strands of hair are attached to small section of ones hair by using different methods like clamping, bonding (cold or warm), micro tubes, shrink tubing.
The cold bonding method is where the bond are formed by use of ultrasonic waves to melt the keratin hence form the bonds. The pros of using this method include: its safer and healthier than other extensions, its long lasting,its lighter on ones head than the other method,it is not easily noticeable.
The cons of this method include; it takes time to fix the extensions and it is a costly method.
The warm fusion method is like cold bonding only that the keratin bond is warmed to form small bonding of ones hair. The pros of this method are same as the cold bonding only that a few system can be reused.the cons of this method are same as of cold bonding but this method requires more time.
Microlinks, links, tubes, beads, locks or rings. This is a technique where both ones hair and the extension are put in a small tube.


Wefts are long hair tracks that can be natural or man made. These tracks are attached on the hair on rows and this method consists sewing to ones hair, use of glue or tape and micro rings. These four skin weft hair extensions are basically used to attach extensions onto the hair and form the basis of weft attachment.
It has various advantages but there are also cons related to these method.


These are short term solutions and are used for day to day activities. One can remove them in the evening and use them in the morning.


Basically there exists artificial and natural hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are made from hair taken from people while artificial hair extensions is made from various materials. From these two various companies have manufactured various hair products like the Remy hair considered to be among the best.


The hair extensions type used depend on people’s taste and there head shapes.

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