Hair Trends Today Highlight Flattering Styles and Unique Products


Because of the array of treatments, styles, and cuts, you can enhance your look easily and conveniently. Check out the following trends and make an appointment to upgrade your look.

Oil Is Being Used for a Variety of Styles

If you hear your stylist extolling the virtues of using oil, it is because the product gives your style extra shine, manageability, and softness when it is formulated for use on the hair. However, do not use an oil-based product on your hair if it is fine or thin. Otherwise, it will just end up looking limp. Oil can weigh fine hair down. However, certain products include ingredients that actually boost the volume. Nevertheless, they are best used on thicker locks.

Use the Right Brush

If you still want to avoid a serum on your fine and fragile hair, you may ask your stylist about brushes that add shine and smoothness to the follicles. If you do not want a flyaway look but are not really a good candidate for oil, then ask about brushes that will take away the static electricity. Certain brushes are made to transform positively charged flyaway hair and actually make it negative. In turn, your hair looks soft and well-kept.

Do You Like Braids?

If your hair is long, ask your stylist about French plaits. You do not have to worry about creating the look yourself as hairdressers in Warrington can agilely handle the task. You may ask about extensions that are braided too or enquire about using extensions as fillers.

Add Moisture with a Masque

If you feel that your hair needs moisture, you may want to see about revitalising it with a masque. Is your hair brittle, ageing, over-processed, or dry? Then you need to talk to your stylist about renewing the strands. Masques left on for about five to 30 minutes provide plenty of moisture for thirsty follicles.

Strobing Is Available for Hair Too

Often thought as a practice of makeup artists, strobing is now available for the hair. This form of styling involves adding subtle tones of gold around the face. The overall effect replicates sunlit hair, which is an especially nice look on a chilly and cloudy winter’s day.

Safeguard Your Locks from Colour-Related Damage

Products are also featured that stop colour-related damage in its tracks and repair the current damage from prior colour treatments. If you wish to make a drastic colour change, then you need to check out the availability of these kinds of restorative products.

Beautify Your Grey Hair

If you have shunned colouring your hair but instead embrace your silver locks, then ask your stylist about a pre-toning treatment. This type of application lessens the porosity of grey hair so it looks more even and smoother. Use this type of product with a brightening shampoo to lessen brassiness.

Need More Volume?

If you need more volume, ask your stylist about the offerings. Products are available that thicken the hair without reducing the texture or smoothness.

A Wavy Bob Is a Fantastic Look

Naturally, you want to choose the right cut and style to upgrade your appearance. A wavy bob is a fantastic look. This look allows you to work with your hair’s texture to produce more in the way of messy waves. In order to tame the style, just apply a salt spray or mousse created for your hair type.