How to Choose a Ring for a Wedding?


If traditionally the duty to choose the engagement ring is the one who will make his request, the wedding rings are in principle chosen by the two future husbands. A tough choice especially considering that it is a jewel that will be worn until the end of his life.

The good ring color

For men and women, the choice will be very wide in jewelry to choose aring. Yellow gold, white gold; platinum, silver, or even pink gold, just on the material side, we run the risk of a difficult choice. To choose the most suitable metal, we start by looking in his jewelry box what is most used to wear; no need to think outside the box for a jewel that will be worn all the time, better is worth a safe bet. Thus, if one is rather a fan of yellow gold, it will be better to choose a yellow gold ring, same story for the silver color which would leave nevertheless more freedom in the choice of the metal since one will be able to opt either for the platinum, but also white gold or silver.

In case of hesitation, it is the color of his complexion that will be interested to know what best suits his complexion and thus will have a more aesthetic. For example, pink gold is particularly flattering for many skin tones, but is also a victim of a fashion effect lately, be careful not to take the risk of getting bored in a few years.

Choose aring

Once the color is defined, it is the style that will be interested in choosing aring. From the simplest ring to the most elaborate models, the possibilities are legion. What’s more, it will be interesting to know if one wishes to choose aring set with stones or not. Often it will be a question of taste, but it will also be important to make the fittings with her engagement ring to make sure that the two jewels work well on one another as it is customary to wear them.

Moreover, it is quite possible to choose aring from website that will match with its engagement ring, but it is not at all an obligation. We can even mismatch metals if we wish what a matter is that the end result pleases.

What’s more, many couples are wondering if they have to match their wedding rings. Again, traditionally the answer is yes, but today, many couples opt for mismatched rings which does not detract from the symbolic and allow everyone to choose aring that corresponds to his style.

Customize your rings

In jewelry, it is quite possible to choose aring that will perfectly meet its expectations. However, if you have specific desires, it will be quite possible to choose a tailor-made ring. A designer will work according to the indications you provide to create a unique model according to your wishes. Be careful, however, this type of approach represents a cost not to neglect, but also time for the creation and manufacture, it will be necessary to think to go there sufficiently in advance so that the jewel is ready for the big day.

To personalize its ring while remaining reasonably priced, it is quite possible to have it engraved inside with, for example, the date of the wedding, the first name of the couple or any other desired element.

Choose aring

Running the jewelry in search of the perfect ring can quickly become complex in the face of the multitude of possibilities. As a reminder, we will not forget to bring his engagement ring for fitting. It will also be wise to give yourself the time for reflection by taking several photo fittings for example and then make your decision more easily. On the other hand, if the research is done in the summer, it will be necessary to take into consideration that some hands tend to swell with the heat and that this can be misleading to choose the right size, a detail which can seem anecdotal, but which risks to compromise everything to find the jewels that will fit you perfectly.

Finally, it is also possible to find out more about the origin of the materials used in the making of its ring in order to opt for an ethical jewel whose materials have been extracted legally and responsibly. To learn more, we will not hesitate to ask for evidence of the provenance of materials to his jeweler.