The Perfect Mangalsutra for Big Fat Indian Wedding

Perfect Mangalsutra For Big Fat Indian Wedding

When it comes to the engagement ring, it has some meaning in Western culture. The same importance gets Mangalsutra when it comes to India. Most of the married women in India wear a mangalsutra. It is a ritual and symbol that defines the marital status. The word mangalsutra has two parts – “mangal”, which means good and “sutra” meaning thread. Therefore, this symbolic neckpiece has a great significance in the Indian culture and is also considered as sacred. It is the symbol of a union where the bride and groom link the relationship forever.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The arrangement of the wedding is not an easy task, especially when it comes to Indian rituals. There is a lot to consider, and thus, coming to an apt decision often becomes confusing. In the ceremonial act of Indian wedding, mangalsutra plays one of the most important roles. This means you need to choose the most appropriate piece to bring perfection to the wedding ceremony. Also, it has special emotional value even after years of wedding. The jewelry pieces and mangalsutra designs enhance the personality of every bride. When choosing a mangalsutra, make sure to purchase it from an reliable online source.

Various Styles of Mangalsutra

Today, women are as competitive as men, and thus, they need to go to work on a daily basis. Considering this, these ladies can choose to wear lightweight mangalsutra with a unique and small pendant that looks ideal. It is easy to carry and will not interfere during the busy hours. Keeping the trend in mind, short length mangalsutra is also a big hit in recent days. It gives a modern and stylish look. Short length mangalsutras are most comfortable for professional ladies. Some women even choose to tie it up around the wrist.

The Core of Mangalsutra

Traditionally, women used to wear heavy and elaborate mangalsutras made of gold. It showcased a symbol of pride and wealth. There were some unique mangalsutra designs that are still maintained and carried to the new generation. However, switching from gold or silver, the divine jewelry pieces were also found with small black beads in the form of a chain. It was considered that black beads contained divine powers to prevent evil and harm. The concept and meaning of mangalsutra have remained the same but with a slight difference in the design and aesthetic appeal.

Considering the transition of trends and practices, modern brides choose simple and delicate over traditional designs. Modern mangalsutra come with unique designs without compromising the quality and aesthetic appeal. The platform of professionalism and modernity has bought a change even in the outfits of women wear, and hence, they are switching from saree to casual and western wear. This is the reason; they have an inclination toward simple yet distinctive designs. A wide range of designs and styles are available in the market. All you need to do is, choose an online platform that is esteemed and help you choose the right piece based on the preferences.