The Ultimate Guide To Shopping For Diamond Fashion Rings

diamond fashion rings

Shopping for diamond fashion rings can be overwhelming, with so many options today when buying fine jewelry. It doesn’t have to be, though. It’s all about separating the good from the bad and knowing your tastes regarding diamond fashion rings, online jeweler reviews, and customer testimonials. Knowing what Internet-based resources are available to help you in your quest for the diamond ring of your dreams. Here are tips and advice on shopping for a diamond fashion ring —including what to look for, what not to buy, and where the best sources are.

1. Choose a Diamond Shape

The first step in choosing your ideal diamond is determining its shape. The most popular diamond shapes are round, princess, marquise, oval, and emerald. You’ll have a lot of freedom with your diamond fashion rings because you can mix and match diamond shapes within one diamond ring or buy more than one style and combine them into one unique piece. As long as they’re from different sides of your finger, nobody will know—and you’ll feel completely fab doing it!

But if you want to be sure that all eyes are on your diamond fashion rings, then make sure that each stone cut is different so that there’s no way for anyone else to confuse them. If you choose two princess-cut diamonds on either side of an oval center stone, it will look like three separate stones rather than one big rock.

2. Select a Diamond Setting

Ultimately, you’ll be choosing a perfect setting for your diamond, and it’s essential to consider different diamond settings based on cut, clarity, carat weight, and more. For example, if you’re looking for something elegant and understated yet classic, go with an eternity band. If you want to add some flair to your look, try pairing your band with another accessory like earrings or a pendant necklace.

Also, if you’re in love with a particular stone but don’t know what type of setting will complement it best, take advantage of the experts, and they can help you select the perfect diamond setting for your stone. Choosing diamond clarity grades refers to how free from imperfections a gemstone is. Clarity may range from flawless to visible inclusions. There are two main factors to consider when shopping for diamonds: color and clarity.

3. Know the Four C’s

When shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, the first thing you want to do is learn about the 4C’s;

  • Cut (or shape)
  • Color (or appearance)
  • Carat weight (or size)
  • Clarity (or transparency)

These factors make up what is known as the four C’s. If you know these things about your desired piece of jewelry, you can tell if it’s of quality and craftsmanship. The best way to learn about these 4C’s is by researching them. These 4C’s attributes work together to determine how much a diamond will cost.

There are many resources online that can help you learn more about diamonds so that you don’t get scammed into buying something that isn’t worth its price tag. However, you can make adjustments to match your likes and budget. For example, instead of choosing a 2-carat diamond, you could choose one that’s 1-carat but has higher grades in other categories like cut and clarity. It may not be as impressive as a 2-carat jewel, but it’ll save you money in the long run.

4. Consider Side Stones or Accent Diamonds

Side stones or accent diamonds,  and jewelers can add them to any solitaire setting. A diamond halo (or ring of fire) is one of several styles that features a series of accent diamonds surrounding and complementing the center stone. Unlike side stones, which are part of an already-assembled ring setting, accent diamonds are often separate, and a jeweler will set them after purchase.

Accent diamonds also offer more design flexibility than side stones. Jewelers can arrange the diamond accents in various patterns around your center stone, including circles, ovals, and squares. Accent diamonds may also feature different cuts than your central diamond—for example, if you choose round-cut accents for your halo, opt for princess-cut shoulders on your engagement ring.


Shopping for diamonds can be both exciting and terrifying. When choosing an engagement ring, you want it to be perfect—and that means making sure you’re getting what you want. Fortunately, shopping for diamonds is also incredibly simple because there are only three questions you need to ask: What do I want? What do I have? How much do I want to spend? While diamond grading sounds complicated at first glance, it’s very straightforward: The 4Cs of diamond grading help determine a diamond’s overall quality. Choosing a diamond fashion ring takes some thought, but it’s worth it! Choose a reliable store with a good reputation for quality products and services.

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