How to Treat Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

How to Treat Damaged Hair, for women sebagain hair is a crown which certainly need treatment, and this time lbc will divide the article about how to care for the hair rusah with natural treatments, and this article we quoted from who shared how to care for hair rusah sengan natural way Here is a natural treatment that can restore hair health, as reported Boldsky.
how to care for damaged hair

1. Massage hot oil

Massage the scalp and hair with castor oil. This could increase the volume of the hair and scalp relaxes tense muscles. Perform this treatment twice a week, to restore the health of the hair.

2. coconut milk and lime

Mix the coconut milk and lime juice in a small container. Massage the scalp with this traditional herb or hair soak in the container. Then wrap the hair with a hot towel and let stand for one hour. Perform this treatment regularly three times a week for one month.

3. Milk

Put the milk and water into a used spray bottle and spray this potion from the root to the tip of the hair. Then comb the hair gently and let it dry. Next, rinse the hair thoroughly. Eits .. Do not forget to wear shampoo conditioners are good quality dna yes.

4. Olive oil and eggs

Put 3 eggs into a bowl of olive oil 100ml. Stir the concoction until smooth and use as a natural hair mask. Apply the mask on your hair and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly and missing the smell of eggs.

Mutually hairstyle should anyway, as long as not too often. The chemicals cause a variety of hair problems, terutam loss. In addition to chemical products, hair also needs nutrients from food. Remember! Healthy food make your hair more shiny and fresh.

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