5 Wedding Shoe Tips for the Fashion Conscious Bride

Wedding Shoe

Your wedding is a special event, and you want to perfect every detail. Although you may choose the most expensive gown, wearing the wrong shoe can ruin your look. Wedding shoes form an integral part of your wedding outfit, and you want the best shoe style to accentuate your looks. If you have had misfortunes buying a new pair of shoes, know that there’s no room for mistakes. Otherwise, you may end up with blisters, twisted ankles and worse still, a broken heel.

Here are wedding shoe tips that elegant look:

1. Know your theme

What theme do you want to create for your wedding? The most popular wedding themes are romantic, modern, classic, garden, bohemian, glamorous and more. Choose a shoe that matches the theme of your wedding.

 For instance, a garden wedding includes multiple elements like colorful flowers, tulle draped chairs and soft fabrics. For outdoor or garden weddings, go for a wedge heel or pumps. They are very comfortable when it comes to dancing and mingling.  You can also go a heel with a detachable kit to allow for customization.

2. What is the height of your gown?

 As mentioned earlier, your wedding dress determines your choice of shoe. The height of your gown matters, and you don’t want shoes that will make you trip over a long hemline. Also, try the shoes together with the dress, for this allows time for modifications when necessary. 

 With a long wedding dress, you’re safe when it comes to shoe choices. They are less likely to be visible, and you can go for nude wedding heels, tan ivory or white colors. 

3. Consider the purpose

 Choose a pair that stands out and serves the purpose. For instance, you may want one that matches that of your groom or bridesmaids. You may also want to make a bold statement with your shoes or just keep the shoes simple. For others, they prefer a pair that serves the day and the evening party, hence the need to choose the most comfortable pair. Therefore, understanding the shoe style helps in choosing one that serves the purpose.

4. Pop up the color!

 If you love bright colors, why not brighten your look with colorful heels. There are different colors choices to consider; choose one to match your flowers, maids’ dresses or your wedding color theme. You can also go for metallic colors like gold, silver or copper to create a great visual effect.

5. Elongate your height with heels

 You may be tempted to wear flats due to their comfort levels, but heels work best for short brides who have shorter legs. They are also excellent choices for anyone who wants to elongate their height. If the shoe style makes your legs look shorter, avoid it and go for 2-3 inch heels for extra height.

The bottom line

 Your choices are endless when it comes to bridal heels. However, your shoe determines your comfort, and you don’t want to look fashionable and hurt your legs. Choose heels in the right color, size and material and have them match your gown perfectly. Also, practice walking with the shoe before the wedding day to gauge the level of comfort.