Lip Makeup Tips to Create the Right Mood


Lip makeup has the power to alter your mood and appearance in an instant. One minute, you appear soft and ethereal with nude lip gloss, and with just one swipe of deep red lipstick, you can suddenly make yourself look and feel, sexy and glamorous.

Playing around with your lips can be spontaneously fun and rewarding. You can easily mix it, blend together different colors and textures, and change lip colors on different days depending on your mood. There’s nothing technically difficult about applying lipstick or lip gloss correctly, so it is a great place to get creative and experiment.


Finding the Perfect Lip Color

Every woman should have a lip color that she can put on to instantly brighten her face. The best way to find the right one is to try on different colored lipstick or lip gloss while you’re wearing absolutely no other makeup. You are looking for that special color to make your complexion, hair, and eyes look outstanding. This will often mean looking for naturally occurring lip-toned colors, which ranges between brownish-pink, nude, and rose pink.