Split ends: Tips for a discount in beauty


Dry hair and split ends are due to the moisture that evaporates from the hair fiber. Care that we recommend, if they do not solve the whole problem, come to hide and contribute to a discount in beauty of your hair.

split ends

1. Get regular tips to cut your hair softer, that better place. Do it regularly, take part in a consistent effect of regeneration, particularly when small white brushes appear at the ends.

2. If you have shoulder-length hair or long as you do not want to cut, there is the cut “anti-forks” which is to get rid of split ends of the perimeter of the bottom and top, separating the hair into thin strands then twist tight that they cut the forked end. Revitalizing effect guaranteed … and better for morale if you tend to look at every morning how many inches your hair has managed to grow.

3. Avoid course all that is colored or permed for a month or two. They alter the fold and pigmentation of hair, not to mention they can dry. You say they will take better and have a great effect on hair in excellent health.

4. Take care of keratin by producing special shampoo damaged hair: the hair will be easier to style and protected from spikes “recurrence forks.” Do not hesitate to use conditioners and intensive care or beauty masks for 4 to 5 washes for your hair regains its elasticity.

5. The trick is to take hair for a few weeks as a hair style “wet” with a styling lotion or gel. Ask your hairdresser if you wish.

6. Finally, during this period should be avoided all the accessories such as spiked rollers, brushes, hair not smooth, the curling iron or hot rollers. In particular, avoid the heat of the dryer and blow drying wet hair styling.