Most Common Reasons To Perform Breast Augmentation Procedure


One of the highly performed plastic surgery every year is breast augmentation. By performing the procedure, a woman can enhance the size of the breast, shape as well as the feel. The female breast gets implanted with the prosthetic breasts that are filled with different types of gels such as silicone gel or saline that results in the size increment. However, to change the shape of the breast or the feel, the transplanted fat or skin flaps are used. The plastic surgeons performing the procedure must be of great experience and must discuss the entire process with the patient openly.

Most Common Reasons To Perform Breast Augmentation Procedure

There are several reasons that force women to get a breast augmentation surgery in Seattle. Some of the most common reasons are described below, which vary from the medical reasons to the general aesthetic purpose.

The most common reason behind the breast enlargement surgery is when a woman is not satisfied with the look or shape of the breast. This condition urges the women to undergo a surgery that can uplift the breast look, and make her more attractive. The reason is purely aesthetic based and there is no medical condition associated with it. The surgery helps in improving the self-confidence of the woman, who often feels low about the saggy and unattractive breasts. In this way, one can boost the self-esteem and lives happily.

Another important reason that urges the woman to get the breast enlargement procedure is the unequal size of the breasts. There are conditions when both breasts’ sizes are not equal and in some cases, the difference is quite noticeable. The problem hinders the shopping of clothes, swimming suits and it gets highly difficult to purchase a suitable bra.

One more aesthetic reason is associated with the rapid weight lose by a woman. The woman who loses significant weight impacts the shape and size of the breast. The breast surgery becomes the only solution to get back to the fuller size of breast as well as to make the skin tighten.

Childbirth and breast feeding also have a great impact on the shape and size of the breast and it is the fourth reason why women opt for breast enlargement surgery after giving birth to the child. It is also an aesthetic reason and to improve the aesthetic appeal, saggy breasts get uplifted by undergoing the procedure.

The next reason is associated with the medical purpose and makes it mandatory for the patient to take the augmentation procedure to get back to the lost shape. It is related to the patients of breast cancer when doctors perform mastectomy and remove the breasts from the body. After the operation, women get the breast implant as a reconstructive procedure to retain the self-confidence. The mastectomy is usually performed when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer or having chances of developing the cancer due to the family history. The process of reconstructing of breast after the mastectomy is of many different types. However, the implants can be inserted just after the operation or after sometime of healing.