Wanna Look Like Your Favorite Movie Star? Here’s How To


The world of movies is one of the biggest fascinations for everybody. Who doesn’t aspire to ape the style of their favorite movie stars, enact their moves, swirl and shake like them, groove endlessly to their picky numbers, and most of all look like them!

Wanna Look Like Your Favorite Movie Star

Star Costumes

What Does it Take to Look Like Your Favorite Movie Star?

Watching film stars create magic on screen is very exciting. The fashion trends of the world are more often than not set by these style icons of Hollywood. The latest fashion themes of the season gain momentum as well as popularity only after they have been donned by famous superstars. People, especially youngsters, crazily follow every minute detailing while dressing up for the important events.

With a view to provide the best movie costumesto enthusiastic people, many designer labels create replicated copies of dresses worn by movie stars in the latest films. One can buy these costumes available in all sizes from children to adults quite easily at any of the designer stores selling them. Now-a-days, with the growing trend of online shopping amongst the new generation, such tailor-made costumes are available on a number of websites. One can browse for unlimited options, view, and review the items carefully and then select his treasured costumes from a whole array of popular outfits. What’s more, buyers can also benefit of the huge discounts offered on these websites.

Flaunt Your Costumes in Style

So, now that it is possible to look very much like a wannabe Hollywood star, it is equally important to choose the costumes that suit one’s personality and are convenient to carry. Some of the most sought after costumes of movie stars are given here:

Kid’s Costumes: There are innumerable interesting options for kids on costume shopping sites. Some hit ideas with children include Disney cartoon characters, costumes of Superheroes like Batman, He-man, Spiderman, X-men, and so on. Young girls love to look like Princess Snow White or Cinderella or The Little Mermaid, as well as flaunt a stylish star-wars heroine or Alice in Wonderland.

Women’s Costumes: There can be endless possibilities for women to dress up like a movie star. Popular themes for women include a candid Marilyn Monroe of the yesteryears or a classic diva like Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft, just to name a few. Women’s costumes are available in every size, including plus size as well.

Men’s Costumes: This category also has some interesting options like Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, etc, as well as the mean costume of The Pirates of The Caribbean.

How much Does it Cost on Your Pocket?

Interestingly, your favorite costume does not cost too much. Starting from about $10 to averagely up to $50 is what you need to get the look. Websites offering discounts are also good to help you get your costumes at cheaper rates.

Theme Parties to Look like a Star

Wondering whether you could actually wear your favorite outfit and show off to your friends? The answer is yes. These costumes can be worn at Hollywood theme parties, a growing social trend of modern times. So, go ahead and live the dream of looking just like your favorite star.