Four Reasons to Order Custom Printed T-Shirts

Order Custom Printed T-Shirts

Having your own design printed on a t-shirt can be useful in a number of different scenarios. This is especially true if you’re a teacher, event organiser, employer, or have a group of friends who enjoy the same hobby or interest. Here are several different reasons why you might want to get some custom tshirt business supply, sweatshirts, or other items of clothing printed up for your next event.

Custom Printed T-Shirts

Easily Identify Everyone

If you’re a teacher or have ever been in charge of an event with a dozen or more children, you know how easy it can be to lose sight of one or two. This leads to panic, especially if you’re the only chaperone and you have to try to find the missing child without losing anyone else. With matching shirts, you can quickly scan a crowd and pick out the kids wearing your particular colour. While kids may still run off, it does make it easier to spot them from a distance. It also makes it easier to describe the missing child to the personnel at the museum, theme park, or whatever location you’re visiting.

Bring Your Team Together

Wearing the same t-shirt, especially if it has your custom logo or team name on it, can help bring your group of individuals closer together. You feel more like a team if you are all wearing something that identifies you as such. This can be really useful if you’re organising an event where multiple teams will compete. Prior to the event, each team can submit their own t-shirt design, and you can work with a custom t-shirt printing company to have them printed for the event.

Diversify Your Employee Uniform

Many retail employers require employees to wear a company t-shirt to work, which has both benefits and drawbacks. As a benefit, it’s very easy for customers to recognise an employee, but one of the drawbacks is that all employees have to dress the same. You can give your employees some options by having a number of different t-shirts created for your company. They can all have the company logo on the back so employees are easily identifiable, but you can put different images or phrases on the front. This gives employees some options but still preserves what you love about a team uniform.

Create Fundraiser Opportunities

Selling t-shirts with your school mascot, organisation logo, or custom artwork is a great way of raising money for your group or for a charity. You can have a run of t-shirts printed up and have them at events, or you can take pre-orders and have the money in hand before you order a single shirt. Either way, t-shirts can be a fun option for raising money. You may even run out and have to do a second printing. If you need to raise money on an annual basis, doing a different shirt every year will get people in the habit of buying your clothing around the same time each year. They will know your shirt will be available and will be ready to buy it without you needing to do much marketing.