What Are The Most Stylish Tailored Suits


When you are looking for a new suit, you want it to be as stylish as possible so that you feel like a million dollars. If you have never bought a suit before, the choices can feel quite overwhelming. There are lots of different styles that you can try on before you decide which one to buy.

What are the most stylish tailored suits?


The double-breasted suit is one of the most fashionable suits. These are extremely popular and usurped the single-breasted suit many years ago. Currently, the most stylish suits have narrow lapels, which you can complement by wearing a skinny tie at the same time.

When you have your suit tailored, you can choose the width of the lapels for yourself. If you are very skinny, then wide lapels will not look very good at all. Currently, it is also very fashionable to have slim-line sleeves. This works to your advantage if you are thin and will make you look great.

Make sure that the trousers of the suit fit you perfectly without flapping around. This is the benefit of having your suits tailor made because the trousers can be made to your exact measurements.


Pinstriped suits are very elegant and they have a very classic feel. You will be able to choose the width of your pinstripe when you are having your suit custom made. The pinstripe works best on suits that are grey or black rather than blue. The pinstripes will make you look taller because the eye is tricked.

If you wear a pinstripe suit to a party, people will compliment you about how effortlessly stylish you look. It is also less common for younger people to wear pinstripe suits, so you will immediately stand out from the crowd with a unique look.

Avoid wearing pinstripes with brown suits because this can look slightly strange. You can find stylishly pinstriped mens suits in Sydney that will turn people’s heads.

Charcoal Black

Charcoal black suits used to be more common at funerals than at parties. However, just like the little black dress, the black suit can be worn in a variety of different situations thanks to its versatility. Pair the black suit with a white shirt and a coloured tie in order to make it stand out.

Wear the charcoal black suit with stylish black shoes in order to complete the look that you are aiming for. People will not be able to stop looking at you when you are out on the town in your suit.


Blue suits are becoming increasingly more common. The right shade of blue will make you look effortlessly stylish. Most people who wear blue suits opt to go for a navy shade, which looks subtle yet vibrant. You can pair the blue suit with a colourful shirt and some stylish shoes.


Wearing a white suit is something that not everyone can pull off, however, the right cut will make you look great.

Buy a range of different suits so that you have one to wear every day of the week.