What Are The Characteristics Of A Quality Diamond?


When you are shopping for a diamond ring or a diamond necklace, you want to be sure that you are getting the best quality possible. There are several characteristics that distinguish a top-quality diamond from one which is a poor-quality stone.

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and colours and you need to know how to spot a high-quality diamond because then you will be able to make the best purchases possible. This will prevent you from wasting your money on inferior products.


The first thing that you need to look at is the colour of the diamond. This will tell you whether you are buying a quality stone. This can affect how much that the diamond is worth, so you should not gloss over this factor at all.

The less colour that a diamond has the more valuable it is. This means that crystal-clear diamonds will fetch a higher price than diamonds which are yellow in colour. A higher quality diamond will also emit less fluorescent light than diamonds which are slightly coloured. Diamonds which look cloudy when they are emitting the fluorescent light are not as highly-priced as ones with a low fluorescence. Read this James Allen review about one of the leading diamond sellers on the planet.


A high-quality diamond will have lots of imperfections on the inside, but it should not have many nicks or buffs on the outside. A lower-quality diamond will actually look perfect on the inside but then it may have lots of damage on the surface. The low-quality diamond will also have imperfections which can be seen by the just looking at it with the naked eye, which is not something that happens with high-quality diamonds at all.

This is something that needs to be examined by a jeweller with a magnifying glass. Individual diamonds have unique imperfections on the inside, so if you spot two that are the same then they are probably fakes made out of lower-quality stones.

The position of the imperfections will have a bearing on how valuable the stone actually is. For example, an imperfection at the base of the diamond will lower the value of the stone more than it if imperfection was at one side.

Reflection Of Light

When people describe high-quality diamonds as “dazzling” they are not merely using hyperbole. The highest quality diamonds will reflect light at all different angles and will glimmer spectacularly. If the light is going right through the diamond, then it is low quality. The highest-quality diamonds refract the light in a way that low-quality diamonds simply do not.

The reflection of light is something that you can check for yourself without needing to take the diamond to the professional jeweller. This will save you some time and money.


The polish of the diamond will tell you whether it is a high-quality stone or whether it is a cheap alternative. You should look at how clean and bright the diamond looks. If it looks extremely well polished, then you have a high-quality diamond.

Choosing a high-quality diamond relies on you being able to spot the distinguishing characteristics.