Intense Pulsed Light Technology Makes Hair Removal Easy


Intense pulsed light is a type of hair removal that is as safe as it is non-invasive. This exceptionally efficient hair reduction method applies specific wavelengths of light to hair follicles so hair growth is significantly reduced.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The number of treatments that you may need depends on the colour of your skin and the colour of the hair that is being treated. For example, darker hair and lighter skin may only need four to six treatments whilst darker hair and darker skin may require as many as 10 sessions.

When IPL is used, the body treatments are spaced at four to six week intervals. If hair is removed from the facial area, then the treatments span over a two to four week period. IPL is applied in accordance to varying hair growth cycles. That is because the hair must be in an active stage of growth to use IPL therapy. Around 20% of the hair is in an active growth stage at any given time. As a result, clients must undergo several sessions.

How to Prepare for Hair Removal Treatments

In order to prepare for IPL hair removal in Perth, a client must refrain from plucking or waxing his or her hair for about a month prior to the treatment sessions. Clients must also avoid exposure to the sun for about the same amount of time.

When IPL Should Not Be Used

IPL is frequently not recommended if the following contraindications exist:

  • The client displays a recent sunburn.
  • The client has used inadequate sun protection.
  • A fake tan is applied about 10 days before a scheduled treatment.
  • Roaccutane has been used less than six months before a scheduled session.
  • The client is pregnant.
  • The client uses creams or medicines that cause light sensitivity.
  • The client’s natural hair colour is blonde or red.

Body Sites Where Hair Is Removed

IPL treatments can cover a large amount of specific body areas. Therefore, each of these areas are priced accordingly. For instance, the client may have hair removed from the back and shoulders, a full leg, a half leg, a full arm, or an underarm. Hair removal may also include elimination of the hair from above the lip, on the chin, or on the neck. G-string, standard bikini, and Brazilian hair removal is offered as well.

IPL Therapy for the Skin

Besides removing hair with intense pulsed light, the skin and facial area can also be rejuvenated with the same technology. Some of the conditions that are treated using this treatment approach include pigmented lesions such as age spots or sunspots and facial vascular lesions such as spider veins or red spots. Sun-damaged skin and uneven complexions can also benefit from the light technology.

What Happens After a Skin Rejuvenation Session?

When IPL is used for skin rejuvenation or improvement, the client may experience a mild sunburn-like sensation after a session. The skin may also be pink for up to 12 hours. Pigmented lesions usually turn darker before lightening and entirely flaking off. Clients are asked to keep the skin well-moisturised during post-treatment, which usually lasts about ten days.