How do I Make the Choice of Selecting the Best Cycling Clothing?


Cycling clothing can sometimes be the subject of much derision because of its tight-fitting and outrageously loud colours! But you certainly do not need to have tight cycling shorts and bright orange jerseys to get out there and have some fun. There are a myriad styles of cycling clothing around, and things such as colour schemes vary from the very compliant to the more outlandish.

When you choose cycling clothing, you should first think about what type of cycling you will be doing on a regular basis, then seek out the options available for those particular activities. Don’t forget that special moisture-wicking fabrics will help to keep you dry and comfortable, plus they will be quick-drying for any longer rides.

Cutting edge shorts

The logic behind cycling shorts tending to be tight-fitting is due to excess material causing chafing on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. These parts of cycling clothing fit snugly to the body for aerodynamics and comfort purposes, and feature soft padding to protect your buttocks and other sensitive parts from constant rubbing contact with the bike seat.

When selecting cycling shorts, contemplate multi-panel shorts, as these will offer you a tighter and more comfortable fit. Make sure the seams have not been placed anywhere likely to cause any chafing, and favour a pair of shorts with thick pad for extra comfort. If you are not a fan of tight-fitting cycling shorts, there are baggy shorts that feature a tight-fitting insert with a concealed pad.


Some other popular cycling clothing to consider include an amazing range of cool looking men’s cycling jerseys, jackets, arm warmers, and even socks. The jerseys are made from moisture-wicking materials and can be tight fitting or otherwise. Most road cyclists are likely to go for tight-fitting cycling jerseys simply for the reason that they will not flap around in the wind and are also aerodynamic.

But there are some types of bikers, especially mountain bikers that prefer to wear baggy jerseys for comfort. Try to select a jersey with pockets that have been specially designed to hold a repair kit, an extra tube, food, or even extra clothing. Some designs feature a full length zipper at the front, which helps to make venting that much easier.

Socks and jackets

Even the humble sock is a vital piece of cycling clothing, which are sometimes overlooked. Pick a pair of moisture wicking socks to ensure that your feet will remain dry and comfortable. Should you be planning to ride in cold weather, you really should consider wool-synthetic blend socks that will keep your feet nice and warm and dry in the even the worst weather. A good cycling jacket or vest is also a very good idea as well. Check out ones that are water resistant and breathable.

Phew! That’s a lot of interesting clothing and it’s understandable why anybody who takes up cycling can get really into it! Good luck and stay upright!