The Ancient Belief Behind Trollbeads


The modern trollbeads were created by a Danish jewellery family in the mid-seventies, but the concept has a deep rooted origin in mankind’s history, with charms crafted from different materials that signify certain things. It might be to ward off evil spirits, or to bring the wearer good fortune, and charms have always provided protection for certain people with specific beliefs.

Charm Bracelets

Long before trollbeads arrived on the scene, people wore charms crafted from wood, metal, and precious stones for a range of reasons. The Egyptians created small tokens that were attached to necklaces and bracelets for good luck and protection, and other civilisations also used this method for protecting themselves against sickness and disease.


Trollbeads are all handmade, and even though a design may be identical, each bead is slightly different. This gives trollbeads individuality, and with so many unique and meaningful designs, there is something for everyone.

The Power of Belief

If a person believes that the charm they are wearing will affect their life in a positive way, then it more than likely will. Self-confidence can actually help a person attract the things they want, and this is an important part of wearing a charm that signifies spiritual strength or good karma. Some people might wear a troll bead necklace solely to feel empowered, and it isn’t important what gives you that feeling, only that you have it.

The Middle Ages

Many wealthy people kept talismans and charms close to their body during these times, and poor people would happily spend their life savings for a charm that protected against disease, which was hardly surprising when you consider that a common cold could kill you in those dark times. Wearers of such charms would expect to have protection against the bad things that could happen to anyone then.

A Great Gift

Trollbeads are the ideal gift, and if the lucky recipient does not have a trollbead necklace or bracelet, you can buy them a starter kit, and they can then collect trollbeads and create a unique collection of attractive designs that will complement any outfit. Whether the recipient is male or female, there is a large selection of trollbeads that can make be used to create a stunning bracelet or necklace. They can add beads over time, and buying new chains, you can create fabulous pieces to wear at those special occasions.

Modern Trollbeads

The range of different materials used to craft trollbeads has increased over the past few years, and include glass, ceramics, bronze, stainless steel, and even rubber. The original silver beads are of course, still produced, and the traditional troll face has many brothers and sisters, with everyday objects of all shapes and colours replicated with trollbeads. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and many other jewellery items incorporate troll beads, and with popularity all over the world, this colourful and meaningful tradition is alive and well.

If you would like to give a special gift to a special person, a trollbead bracelet or necklace is the ideal choice, and with online suppliers, it couldn’t be any easier.