Bra Fitting Tips to Find Your Perfect Size

Bra Fitting

Any woman who has tried to purchase a bra right off the shelves knows that it is almost impossible to get one that fits just right and stays comfortable for long.

Even if you do know what size fits you best, there are different scales used in different countries to deter you from getting the right fit. A bra by an American designer that’s the same dimensions as French-designed bra will be tagged different sizes.

So, how exactly do we determine our perfect size?

Taking Measurements

Measure your underbust first. The most accurate way is to wear a thin non-push-up bra and place the measuring tape parallel to the bottom of the bra’s band, wrapping it around your rib cage.

Based on Australian bra sizes, an 80-centimetre underbust would equal a size 14 band, 85 centimetres would be size 16, 90 centimetres is a size 18 band, and so on.

Once you have your underbust size, it’s time to measure your bust. This time, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Be sure the measuring tape is parallel to the band.

To determine your cup size, subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement.

What is the difference between the two? A difference of 13-14 centimetres equals and A cup, 15-16 centimetres equals a B cup, 17-18 centimetres is a C cup, 19-20 is a D cup and so on with every additional 2 centimetres equalling one cup bigger.

International Size Conversions

Sizes differ internationally. An H Cup in Europe is equivalent to an FF in the United Kingdom, while a DD Cup in the United States is equal to an E cup in Italy.

If you aren’t sure what your international sizes are, you can always look at the size tag on your current bra and refer to this chart to know your size in other countries.

Understanding Silhouettes

There are seven basic bra silhouettes. Each one will frame your body and bust a little differently.

Full coverage is more suitable for larger busts that need to stay in place and offers a no-wire version as a second silhouette. There’s also the balconette, which is a mix of style and functionality.

The T-shirt silhouette is more like a seamless experience, while strapless is best for when you are wearing something off-shoulders.

A bralette might show through like a camisole, but still protect your girls and support them just the same. Finally, the plunge silhouette makes sure that you are going to feel sexy with the extra push-up boost!

Signs Your Bra is Too Big

Have someone place a hand between the band and your back, and turn their hand perpendicular. If they can pull their hand further from your back than the perpendicular distance, your band is too big.

You can also tell if your bra is too big from the more obvious signs. Sometimes the bra cups will just appear too loose. Alternatively, if you raise your arms and some of your breast start showing under your bra band, you might have a bigger band size than necessary.

While wearing the bra, the cups should be located about halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. If they droop any lower, the band could be too loose and not providing the support you need.

Signs Your Bra is Too Small

If your bra is wired, you can easily tell if your bra is too small after wearing it for a short while. Your wire will start digging into your breasts, at times poking into them.

At times, your breasts may also slip out of the bra at the sides or over the top, implying the cup size is too small. If the centre of the front of your band is not lying flat against your breastbone – possibly hovering above your rib cage – then your bra is too small.