Colors That Can Intensify the Look of Your Bridesmaid Dresses


In the ancient era, bridesmaids had to act as the bride’s savior and step forward if any danger approached the bride. But, in today’s modern world, the duties of bridesmaids are not perilous. All they need to do is make sure the wedding goes smoothly. So, it is evident that bridesmaids indeed play a very important role in a wedding ceremony. Therefore, if you are a bride to be, don’t you think you should give all the bridesmaids a token of love and appreciation? Wondering what to gift them? How about gifting them their ‘bridesmaid dresses’?

When it comes to choosing a dress, there are plenty of criteria that we have in mind, isn’t it? But, the most important criterion is the ‘color’. Why just dress, even when we pick our lingerie don’t we choose the one that has a lovely color? That’s basic “women nature” or rather “human nature”. So, it is pretty obvious that when you are going to shop for bridesmaid dresses, you will surely choose the ones having a pleasant color. In this blog, we are going to solely focus on the hottest colors of this year that will look great on your bridesmaids.

Six colors that will make your bridesmaids’ dresses look out of the world:

  • Want a soothing color? Go for ‘mint’: Mint green is a very soothing and fun shade that would undoubtedly make your bridesmaids look super cool and cute in their outfit. This color is great for summer and spring weddings. So, in case you are going to get hitched this summer, you can surely ask your designer to bring mint green colored fabric to tailor the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Navy blue can rock the wedding ceremony: Navy blue is a color which is hands down bold and beautiful. This color is a great backdrop for accessories and flowers. So, your bridesmaids would look ravishing wearing a pretty, navy blue colored knee length dress; and to compliment the attire they can hold lovely flowers.
  • For a classy look go for grey: Grey is an extremely classic color, and it’s the color that will look great in all seasons. So, whether you are getting married during spring or fall, grey bridesmaid dress would never let you and your bridesmaids down. This color can perfectly go with almost any color combo, but it looks best with all white lilies or colorful bouquets.
  • Coral can make the bridesmaid look sassy: Coral is totally a sassy color, and women love it like hell. From their lipstick to cheek stains, attires to accessories, women have gone gaga over this bold color. In case you have arranged for a beach wedding party, ask your designer to design beautiful coral colored dresses for your bridesmaids. The best part of this color is that it goes well with all skin tones.
  • Nobody can beat ‘neutral’: Neutral has become every woman’s “most wanted color”. Dresses having a neutral color are making a huge comeback, so you can choose this color for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Neutral colored dresses would look perfectly sophisticated, and are extremely easy to accessorize. Go for metallic or jewel tones with this color to make a bold look.
  • Pastel pink is ridiculously pretty: Pastel pink is a color that will never get out of fashion. It’s basically a color which is currently considered as the hottest color and has been popping up in weddings everywhere. This color is perfect for a spring wedding, but you can wear this color in any season. So, you can definitely go for this color when it comes to designing bridesmaids dresses.

These were some of the hottest colors this year, so you can easily pick any one color out of these six, and ask your designer to design superb dresses for all your dear bridesmaids. And don’t forget to purchase complimenting accessories and flower bouquets for the bridesmaids.

Author bio – Cersie Tyrell is a fashion blogger who keeps on updating about the latest trends in fashion. She also owns a designer house that sells amazing long bridesmaid dresses, as well as wedding gowns. Her blogs are worth reading.