Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Diamond Tennis Bracelets have somewhat of a unique history. On this page, we are going to discuss a little bit about the history of this bracelet, before we touch upon everything that you need to think about when it comes to finding a store that supplies top diamond tennis bracelets.

What is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets (diamond or not) are a thin metal bracelet. Of course, a diamond version will be encrusted with gems. They are often worn by people who fancy wearing smaller bracelets, but who still want to make a massive statement when they are out and about.

How did they get their name?

Surprisingly enough, they are related to tennis. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a famous tennis player called Chris Evert. She was playing tennis when she realised that she had forgotten to remove her bracelet. This bracelet, designed by George Bedewi, was worth a lot of money. Right in the midst of a US Open match, the clasp of the bracelet fell off. She asked the umpire to pause the match so she could find her expensive piece of jewellery. To this day, they continue to be called the tennis bracelet. In fact, you can still see tennis players wearing them. Serena Williams is one of the bigger names when it comes to those who wear tennis bracelets.

How to Find a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

One of the wonderful things about this type or bracelet is that they are so popular. This means that there should be no shortage of companies which are willing to sell one to you. Your problem is really going to be finding the right company to work with. That is why we put together this section. We want to help you find the right company to purchase your diamond tennis bracelet from.

To start with, you are going to want to find a company that has a good selection of bracelets. While the design behind the tennis bracelet is very simple, you will be surprised at the amount of variations on the design there actually are. When you opt to work with a company with a massive selection of diamond tennis bracelets to choose from, you are more likely to find something that is going to be perfect for you. If you are buying the bracelet for somebody else, then we do urge you to get them to check out the selection. This is because jewellery is very unique. You want to make sure they get the item that is right for them.

Since this is a diamond piece of jewellery, we do suggest that you do your research online first. You want to make sure that the company is offering what they say they are offering. This means reading through as many reviews as you possibly can. This should make it easy to determine whether the company is offering a real diamond tennis bracelet or not.

Try not to think too much about the price. You are going to be getting something that is beautiful and will last forever if you treat it well. The only time you should think about price is if the cost of the bracelet seems a little too good to be true.