A Diary of a Stunning Bride


Ever since I was a little girl (I know it’s a cliché) I dreamt of my wedding day and it was even better than I imagined it. It wasn’t a big fairy tale wedding, but to me it felt like one. All of that was possible because I have amazing girlfriends and a thoughtful and patient husband who helped me become the bride I always wanted to. I have to share with you my experience, especially my bridal look because I am so amazed by how everything turned out.

My beautiful dress!

I don’t like wearing things that are too white, so I’ve decided that I wanted my bridal dress to be in a light, eggshell hue. Also, I don’t like too much fluff, so I chose a dress that was more comfortable. It was strapless, featuring a corset, while the bottom was flowy and light. Since I chose that color for my dress, I had to make sure to combine jewelry, shoes and other accessories carefully, while creating some contrast at the same time – but we’ll talk more about that later. The bridal dress is the most important piece of your entire look, so every bride wants it to be perfect. That’s why I had to make sure that it was matching my body type, so I had to adjust it a bit in order to feel completely comfortable in it. I didn’t even have to change into a simpler dress for the reception.

The shoes

I didn’t have to change my dress, but I definitely had to get two pairs of shoes. The first pair – pumps, of course! Luckily, I’ve managed to find a pair in a light shade of gray. They contrasted my dress perfectly. As far as my second pair is concerned, I had to find a comfortable pair of flats, because my feet get really tired in pumps no matter how comfy they are. I certainly didn’t want to miss out on dancing and having fun just because my feet were tired.

When I almost made a mistake

All my friends told me that I just have to make time for a trial makeup session, but I didn’t have enough time or will for it. However, they managed to persuade me. That was pure luck, because I wanted to try out something new with makeup. After the artist finished with my “new look” I was unpleasantly surprised. My eyes simply looked weird because of the darker eye shadow (I usually wear lighter colors) and that bright lipstick just wasn’t my thing. So, I decided to go for a look that was similar to my usual makeup, but took it up a notch which saved me from unnecessary fuss on my wedding day.

Love to accessorize

When it comes to bridal looks, you have to be modest and careful not to blend the accessories in with the dress. Since the shoes were already grayish I decided to wear silver earrings and a big (but simple) silver necklace because my shoulders were bare. Also, I wore a few stunning silver hairpieces that held my hair up and gave it a mesmerizing look. I don’t go anywhere without a bag, so I decided to bring a simple clutch and I was in luck to find it in the same eggshell hue. Finally, when my big day came and all the accessories, shoes and the dress were combined I was over the moon. I think I was the happiest bride in the world and I really enjoyed my wedding day. I was lucky that we hired such professional and creative photographers, like those from Perfect Moment, because they’ve managed to catch the magic and happiness of my big day.

I am still under the impression of that day. I have a perfect husband by my side and we both looked stunning -not as much because of the clothes we wore, but because of our happiness and love.