Be Fabulous This Spring Season


It is time to store your winter jackets and sweaters because warmer weather is here. We all cannot wait for the spring to arrive so we can pull out our skirts, dresses and blouses out of the closets. Since the fashion is changing with each season, this spring you can mix things up a bit and freshen up your looks with these fabulous pieces.

Ankle jeans

There’s no need for warm socks anymore and it’s time to show some ankle. Ankle jeans are one of the hottest pieces this spring and you should get a few pairs. You can go for classic models, ripped ones or even for ankle jeans with high waist. Since they are pretty much universal, you can wear them with anything: blouses, vintage tees, sneakers, pumps or any other colourful piece you desire.

Midi skirts

Midi skirts are always fun and fabulous for the spring, but this season you can do something different. Instead of tucking in fitted shirts into skirts and pairing them with some high heels, you can opt for an oversized shirt and a pair of sneakers. Besides being comfortable, this outfit will give you a fresh look for the spring while you will look effortlessly fabulous wherever you go.


Even though the temperatures are rising, the weather can surprise us during spring. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear big jackets or layers of clothingjust because it might be windy or rainy. Instead, you can go for some knitwear this season and be ready for weather surprises. Freshen up your looks with knitted tops and turtlenecks, knitted dresses and some cardigans and light sweaters. Better yet, you can opt for a knitted pencil skirt and easily pair it with your favourite shirts and heels.

Trench coats

Trench coats are always trendy because they can create a fabulous silhouette while keeping you warm. There is a vast variety of trench coats you can pair with any style you want. You can opt for a classic trench coat paired with your ankle jeans and some heels. For a more elevated business-like look you can opt for a slightly longer white trench coat and create an interesting silhouette while pairing it with your favourite pant suit. Also, you can opt for some more stylish pink trench coats paired with a pencil skirt and a striped shirt and enjoy a casual lunch with friends.


If you really like your denim and casual looks, overalls will be your new friend for the spring. However, don’t settle for dull overalls outfits; rather, pair them with a simple long-sleeved striped shirt, fabulous pumps and a scarf and you are ready for the new season.

Striped shirts

Striped shirts are a big trend this season because of their versatility. Hit the stores and stock up on various strip shirts, from simple black and white to colourful ones. Also, you can invest in various lengths of such shirts, from crop tops to regular length ones and make sure you have several long and short-sleeved striped shirts. With such versatility of colours and models, you can pair such shirts with any other piece, from classic jeans to fancy pencil skirts.

Jackets and blazers

If you are worried the weather might surprise you but you want something more than a regular trench coat, then you should invest in jackets and blazers. As far as jackets are concerned, the most fabulous pieces for this season are leather and denim jackets. Classic denim jackets are always trendy and you can elevate their look with a few colourful patches of any shape and size. Leather jacket, too can go with anything and you can choose from a vast variety of colours depending on the style you want to create.

These several clothing items are a must for this spring season. Don’t settle for some regular shirts and dull jeans, when you can use some of these pieces and have a fresh new look for each day of spring.