How Do you know when a diamond is Real?

inspect diamond carefully

Since real diamond is very expensive, you must find out the diamond you have is an authentic one. There are lots of unethical sellers who will try to sell you fake diamonds. It is a major problem, especially if you are going to propose with that diamond on the engagement ring to your girlfriend. That is why we have composed this article on how to prevent buying a fake diamond from unethical jewelers.

real vs fake diamonds

  1. Real Diamonds Have Flaws

This is an interesting fact. Many people thought that real diamonds do not have flaws and that is why they are very expensive. But it is completely the other way around. Only fake diamonds can be perfect. Natural diamonds formed in nature and most them have some flaws. That is the reason if you are seeing a perfect diamond with a low-price tag, you should be cautious and ask for a reputable third-party appraisal for that stone.

  1. The Diamonds have Refraction Lines.

If your diamond is real, you will see the lines from the center running horizontally. As much as possible, you should hold the diamond and look through it carefully. Do not think that you are going to buy a fake diamond once you see the line because it is normal.

  1. They Have Tiny Inclusions Inside

If you want to check if a diamond includes small inclusions, you should visit a jewelry store so that you can hold the diamond and check. You can even ask the store owner for a magnifying glass for you to

check the diamond.

inspect diamond carefully

  1. Use a Newspaper

First, you need to position the diamond upside down. Then, look through the diamond with a newspaper on the back of the diamond. If the texts are blurry and not clear, then you may be holding a real stone. But if you see the texts are very clear and visible, it might be made of Cubic Zirconia (CZ). This is referred as transparency test.

newspaper test

  1. Real Diamonds Will Not Hold Heat

If you are still not satisfied with the transparency test, you should perform another test called “Fog test”. First, breath on the diamond and if you see the diamond is clear, then it is real diamond. The diamond is not real if it is foggy due to your warm breath.

  1. Perform the Weigh Test

Did you know that CZ stone is heavier than the real diamond? You should weigh your diamond and compare it to a real, certified diamond. If there is a discrepancy, you are holding the fake one.

  1. Use Sand Paper to test the Diamond

Since diamonds are known to as the hardest stone, there should not be any form of scratch when you use the sandpaper to rub it. However, this test is not recommended from any jewelers because it can damage even the real diamonds.

  1. Just Ask the Expert

Performing all the above test can be very challenging if you do it alone, especially if you are buying a diamond for the first time. However, the person you talk with should prove himself as an expert. You should search online for any reputable jewelry store in your city and request an appointment to shop in their store.