Celebrating Your Faith


Celebrating a First Holy Communion is momentous. This event marks the acceptance of a young child as a full participant in his or her faith. In order to make the most of this special occasion, choosing the right First Holy Communion dress is important.

Finding the Right Dress

Finding Holy Communion dresses in Solihull should start early. If you wait too long to find the right dress, you may not have the opportunity to match what you envision. In addition, waiting until the last minute means that you have less time for ordering, putting the pressure on you if you are ordering a bespoke dress.

When finding the perfect dress, consider the following:

  • Shopping early means that you have the option of ordering with custom measurements.
  • The dress should be a shade of white to represent purity.
  • The dress should be modest and respectful.
  • Veils are optional.

What about Accessories?

If you’ve already ordered your dress, you may not be finished yet. Though accessories aren’t a requirement, consider adding them for a special touch. For example, a flower crown or flower hairpiece may add a new element to the dress and some families even make this a tradition. If the dress does not have sleeves, you might also consider adding a short jacket or bolero. This will keep your child warm and also ensure modesty in the church. Finally, a veil, though not a requirement by the church, shows modesty and humility before God. This accessory demonstrates respect and looks beautiful.