Spoil yourself a healthy life with true comfort of organic underwear


When you think about the term organic, odds are you are thinking about what you are putting on your table to eat rather than the clothing you are putting on your body. However, there is an increasing shift towards organic when it comes to the clothing we wear, especially the items that we are putting closest to the most sensitive areas of our bodies. Organic underwear is a term that refers to undergarments made from organically grown cotton or bamboo. And while there is definitely a positive impact made on the environment when Organic Materials are used to produce consumables, there are also some pretty significant health and comfort benefits to be had as well.


For example, all of the natural plants grown to produce organic underwear including cotton, bamboo and hemp, are grown using the same techniques that make eating organic foods so healthy. This means that farmers are not using a range of chemicals or pesticides during the entire cultivation process. Fewer chemicals used to create the materials means fewer chemical residues that you will be placing on your skin. In addition, the manufacturing process for organic underwear also eliminates the use of chemical bleaches and dyes that are common in traditional manufacturing, which will also reduce the number of irritants and potential carcinogens that you will be placing against your skin. .

By choosing organic over traditional, you are creating an indirect impact on the environment as well. By reducing the number of purchases you make of traditional underwear, you effectively reduce the demand. This reduction in demand then means that manufacturers are producing fewer pairs, which then results in less chemicals, pesticides and herbicides being used to grow the cotton or other materials and the less chemicals that will be used during manufacturing. All of this equals less chemicals being released into the environment.


There are many who say that organic underwear simply feels better to wear than traditional underwear. The claim is that the fabric is softer because it lacks the structural changes in the fibers that traditional manufacturing processes create.

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to choosing organic over traditional in the underwear department. The cost of producing organic clothing is simply higher than that of traditional manufacturing processes, which leads to a higher cost on the shelf. In addition, organic materials simply don’t have the same lifespan as traditionally created underwear. This is a result of not having a blend of synthetic fibers in the material as well as not having the same protections that some chemical processes offer in the traditional version. However, having to pay a slightly higher price and replacing your underwear more often are inconsequential when compared to the benefits offered by organic products.

It is important to make note of the labels of the underwear you choose to ensure that they are truly organic. In a few cases, some unscrupulous companies will advertise organic underwear when, in truth, only a small portion of the materials that are used are truly organic materials. Also, the materials used may be organic, but the manufacturing process may not be. If you are going to spend the extra money on organic underwear, it is important to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. Underwear Concept is a 100% organic company that offers Comfortable & Organic Men’s Underwear. They have created a lineup of organic briefs, Boxer Briefs, and more.

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